How To Make Your Space Look Expensive.... When it's Not.

Without paying full price for it. Yes, this is what Living on the Chic is all about, and I was trying to do some research on this over the weekend and couldn't find anything... so I've decided to compile things that I believe help your space look high end.

1) Layering. Accessories, bedding, carpets, and so much more! When you layer, you're creating more of a plush atmosphere. Pillows, for instance, are great when you have a set of great fluffy pillows, with a few more on top of them (look in the picture below) it adds more for your eye to look at and it doesn't look so empty. The same goes with that furry blanket over the bench. If it were alone, it might seem gaudy or just like someone ran over it and took it home, but with the combination of layering with a simply print it seems as though a princess might have taken it off and draped it there. Haha, yes, a princess. 

Via Fifi Cheek
Here, the accessories on the table have been layered to bring more of the high end look to the space. The mirror creates more space in the room, while the flowers on the table balance the height of the candle sticks. The pillows on the couch also bring in the touch of amethyst from the table. All layering things from the table into the space. 

Via Design Sponge
2) Finishes. High end spaces usually have amazing finishes. You can get this same look by finding like finishes, such as velvet and bringing them in through throws, accessories, and even on the floor.

Via Decorista

The pops of metallics in these rooms contrast with the soft velvet, and it makes the room more comfortable with the glossy finishes. 

Via Flourish Design and Style

4) Bigger pieces, equals more effect. When you have a small space that you're trying to make bigger, use larger pieces to create a trick of the eye... Like this wall. It brings in the fancy metallic finish, but it also creates that jaw dropping wow. Imagine a plush sofa in front of it and it would balance quite well.

Via Style Curator
With this one, the first thing I noticed were the light fixtures. Big, gold, and a statement maker. Layered with the bold graphic sections of print, artwork, and a mix of finishes and this is a great high-end look. You could do this in your home with paint, instead of a bold graphic print. By painting a square around the art work, you'd bring more attention to it and make it seem bigger than it actually is. 

Via Studio M

5) Use all the vertical space you can. When you hang curtains closer to the ceiling, your room seems taller and creates a larger feel in the room. Here, you can see the mix of metallic finishes, plush sofas, and layered pillows and accessories... Lots of horizontal lines because the room is smaller, but with the help of the tall curtains, your eye is drawn up towards the ceiling.

Via Decorista

The same goes for this kitchen... by putting the cabinets all the way to the ceiling, the room seems so much bigger and plush. Not to mention the metallic of the range and refrigerator brings in a high end look to the room. Use all the space you can when it comes to built ins, curtains, shelves and other vertical items.

Via House of Turquoise 
 See how all these things start coming together??

Via Sarah Catherine
These are great things to use in your home, just remember the rule that you accessorize and then take two things away. If you're worried about your space being too busy, follow that rule! Often when you following these tips too much, instead of your space feeling high end, it'll feel too busy and overwhelming. Keep it simple and you'll be more than happy.

Questions, comments?! Please, don't be afraid to say what's on your mind! I love it when you tell me what you think!


AquĆ­ said...

One of my favorite things about your blog is that its not about fashion. I love that you focus mostly on interiors (this is something I enjoy but know little about) this is a fantastic post! Great tips my friend!

Ms. Givens said...

Love that Studio M room!

Lexi said...

This post is amazing, and so helpful! We just moved in to a new home and have so much space to fill!

xox Lexi
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Katy Patio Ideas said...

We had one of our favorite chairs reupholstered and it seriously looked brand new. We were about to give the chair away, but now it has been in the family for nearly ten more years! Great tips.

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