DIY Missoni Inspiration

First off, can I just say Target for Missoni = Craziness. No, I didn't drive an hour to get to my Target. No, I didn't fight over bowls. No, I wasn't online when they changed the release time. Thank the Lord. For some reason the night before I just had this crazy notion that I shouldn't bother with it. I guess that notion was right, because from what I heard.... It was nuts. Stores cleaned out, the Target site crashing, and, now, an Ebay spike. Seriously? It's ridiculous. So, instead of going out and buying stuff, here's what I'm going to do.... Missoni DIY. Yes, I'm going to DIY Missoni. Here's some project inspiration.

Painted Rug
Chevron Tray

Painted Curtains

Zig Zag Stationary

Etched Glass

Vintage Art

Ikat Tile
Zig Zag Curtains

Zig Zag Art

Zig Zag Wall

Don't you think it'd be sooo much easier to just DIY something to bring it into your home?? I know I'd love one of those throws, but jeez, I'd like to live to see tomorrow, too. I can't wait to share with you what I'm doing!! What did you think of the Missoni craze?! Did you manage to get anything?

Missoni for Target Update! They will be restocking by Friday of this week. Sigh....


Kimberly Moore said...

I didn't go either...I wasn't willing to come home with scratches all over! I do want to try and score something though before October hits! Love these Missoni inspired projects though. Thanks for sharing!

Sophie said...

It sounded like it was absolutely crazyy! i dont think i would have bothered either if i were close enough to a target! those diy's look awesome and cant wait to see what you do :) i want to try diy the try. it looks gorgeous.

i just found your blog and i love it. im following :) xx

Ms. Givens said...

I was trying the yahoo way.
I want you to do the painted curtain so you can teach me. :)

Jamie said...

I went to the store and scored a couple of things (including an awesome shower curtain.) But I think I like some of your DIY ideas even better than the stuff I saw in the store, I'm thinking rug or wall would be incredible.