Chic Tip of the Week

Ok, I'm going to tell you right out that I slacked off this week. I totally spaced it and thought that I had somebody writing a guest post for you and then ended up not having one. Instead, I'm going to go a little different way today and highlight one of my favorite blogs. Now, this isn't anything to do with Interior Design or decorating on the cheap. No, this is more in the line of your own personal display board and upcycling. In other words, fashion. We all wear it, we all spend lots of money on it, and, I'm telling you, you will love this! Today, I'd like to introduce you to Cotton and Curls

Now, let me give you a little info about the writer.... Lizzie is amazing. I could leave it at that and let the pictures speak for themselves, but that just doesn't seem right to me. Let me continue... Lizzie is a momma to one cute, curly haired boy, an adventurer (she just moved to China!), and a refashion-er extraordinaire. I mean, just look at some of the transformations she's made...

See what I mean?! She's just like uber amazing and talented, huh? And she doesn't always refashion stuff.... She sews from scratch, too.

And they're all adorable. I simply love reading Cotton and Curls to see what Lizzie comes up with next. Seriously, she's like the fashion version of me! Only not so crazy or messed up... Slip over to Cotton and Curls to see more of her projects  and popular posts, which are pretty much the same thing. And I just realized that I haven't been sharing much of a tip with you, just blabbing on about how amazing Lizzie is... Whelp. Here's the lesson for today: Don't be afraid to refashion. In any situation, refashioning can always work out for the better and save you TONS of money!! You can do this in your own home, too. Start thinking outside the box when you go to a local thrift store. Check out things that you normal wouldn't buy because of it's condition or what it looks like. You can always change that. 

And there you have it. A very make-shift Chic Tip, but I hope you enjoy it.