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It's our favorite time of the week! Yessssss, I know you've been waiting to see who I got this week to share their amazing tips. Well, I've managed to get another amazing surprise! Marissa, writer of ROOST, took time out from her super busy design schedule to share her easy way of adding color to a space, along with a flair and style. I absolutely love her blog, so cute and inspirational! You should slip over and check out her popular posts featured on the left sidebar... AMAZE-BALLS. But, you've had enough of my rambling about how amazing she is... Let's hear what Marissa has for us today!

Hello! I am Marissa from ROOST. Trissta asked me to share a chic-and-cheap tip today. One of my favorite high-impact, low-cost suggestions is to use PILLOWS!
I absolutely adore pillows. They are a great way to bring color, pattern, and texture into just about any room.
Switching out pillow covers can totally change the look of a space.
As a renter, another thing I love about pillows is that you can take them with you if you move! That's hard to do with a lot of other high-impact changes like paint, wallpaper, and even some furniture. So pillows are a good investment!
 If you're going to use several pillows, I think it's best to use a mix of simple and intricate patterns and prints. These are the pillows on my bed--I've mixed a very simple beaded trim with a botanical and a geometric print.
Here are some of my favorite pillows of the moment:
Snow Leopard by High Street Market
Fuschia Grecian Peony by Antonio Aguilar Home
Silk Ikat by JOYA
Even if you buy inexpensive covers, make sure you use down fill inserts that are 1"-2" larger than the cover. They have a much better shape and will make any cover look higher-end.
I hope you've enjoyed my chic-and-cheap tip!

Isn't she just great?! Slip over to ROOST Home and see her other ideas and great inspirational posts for your home!


Amanda Hill said...

Really great tip! I adore Roost...lovely write up by Christine on B&B today about you! Amazing!

Ms. Givens said...

I have a problem with pillows. I like them all.

Karena said...

Marissa I am a pillow addict and I totally agree with you!! Change out the seasons; change out the looks in an instant!! Great post!

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Art by Karena

Marissa Waddell said...

Thank you so much, Trissta!