And the Winner is...

This morning, Jackee and I picked the winner for the Heritage Makers points! She was so excited that so many of you entered, and I have to admit that I'm soooo happy with the outcome! You guys are amazing and so wonderful! We wished we could pick every one of you to be the winner. Alas, there is only one... And the winner is.......

Number 18! jadavis! You're the lucky winner! 

You'll be receiving an email from Jackee within the next few days about your prize!

A HUGE thank you to everyone who entered! If you're interested in getting great discounts on Heritage Makers products, simply contact Jackee Grote at to see what options are available to you or visit her website

Now, for a little more inspiration, here's a sneak peek at something I've been putting together for my next Heritage Maker's project...

And I'm going to put them in something like this.... It's something the whole family will marvel over for the next 3 years! ;)