Souvenir Shopping

The best way that I've ever done souvenir shopping while on vacation is, well you could probably guess this, thrift shopping. Yes, I will go thrifting, even while on vacation. I've been to Hawaii, Germany, Italy, California, South Carolina and so many other places within the last few years, so I call myself a 'seasoned' traveler. I must admit that the best souvenirs that I've ever found weren't marked with the name of the place or some site nearby, but rather things that I've thrifted that belonged there. Well, Oregon was no exception. In fact, it was probably the best souvenir shopping I've ever done! And, I'm going to share with you my favorite places that we visited (be prepared for a picture overload).

#1. Jacob's Dream in Halfway, Oregon

I may be a little biased here, but I have to tell you that I totally loved the little store in Halfway. Jacob's Dream is an adorable little shop, just off the main road through town. The ladies that run it are so nice, and there's always something new to be found. Seriously, I went in there every couple of days and found all sorts of stuff! 

Yes, that is a YSL scarf. And yes, I did buy it for $.50

#2. Simply Sandy's in Joseph, Oregon. 

Definitely worth the drive. Holey cow, this place is amazing. They have things strung out between two sheds out back and one on the side of the house AND all the stuff inside the house! It's amazing how much stuff they've managed to gather in one place.

#3. Mad Mary's in Joseph, Oregon. 

Oh, what a place! It's not a thrift shop by any means, but it's just one of those kooky stores that gets your brain involved with everything that's in it! Lordy. It was so much fun to shop around and then go over to the ice cream parlor for some great home made huckleberry ice cream.

And along with the shopping... There are some other things that I miss terribly.

Smoothies at the Quilt Shop in Halfway.

Exploring the Hell's Canyon Recreation Area with my Uncle.

Quirky little details...

And this cute little mug. 

PS. This is what I brought home with me!

Sweet Serendipity


Jamie said...

What a great idea - I know what I'm doing next time I travel

Ms. Givens said...

Very cool!

Ana from Sweet Serendipity said...

AHHH such great finds!! LOVE IT!!! I have a suitcase almost like that one. :) Thanks for linking up to thriftaholics weekly!!