Sites I {Only} Found this Week

Well, once again the tradition is going to continue. I am totally loving sharing these awesome sites with you guys and finding them! I've spent so much time exploring other blogs and then links to other blogs and websites and... oh my goodness. I totally am addicted to it. Here's some I found this week.

Now, go find some inspiration from these great sites!! Now me, I'm off to clean and organize. You better watch my Pinterest boards, cause they're about to get over taken by organization and cleaning tips and pictures! Gah.... 


Cat said...

Yea! Love finding lists like this ... off to make some new friends :)

♥ Cat brideblu

Ms. Givens said...

These all sound new to me. I will visit them.

Jamie said...

I love that you give me a list of places to check out on the weekend!

AquĆ­ said...

I'm only familiar with a few of these, I'll have to check the others out! Have a great weekend lady!