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Hey everybody! I've got some more exciting news for you today... I made a new friend. Yes, indeedy, I do make friends. I'd like to introduce you to Kimberly Moore. Kimberly is a newlywed design student and native Seatle-ite. Ha, I don't know if that's even a word, but I totally just used it. She does a weekly feature of Tuesday Tips, which you know I absolutely adore. I'm all about giving out tips and tricks, and puts together a mean Inspiration Board. Today, she's giving us all some great inspiration to use in our homes!

Also, you can check out my DIY Pin Tucked Duvet Cover on her page today! 

Hi all! I'm super excited to be guest posting here today. I have a SUPER simple DIY project for you that seriously transformed the space I put them in.

Introducing: Twine Covered Pots.

It is such an easy & cheap way to dress up your potted plants yet still maintain style and design.

First of all, I didn't even have to buy a clay pot. I just attached the twine right onto the cheap plastic. Saved a few pennies. Win. So, I'm sure laying out the steps will seem a bit unnecessary but I'll do it anyways.

I found these little succulents at Lowe's for like $2.50.

I grabbed a roll of twine from Walmart for $5.00 {I still have plenty left...hoping I won't go twine crazy!}

I glued it on....

And it's done!

All within an episode of Cake Boss...

Twine can be used for so many uses. Take a look at these creative ideas: {I didn't make these so be sure to go check out the blogger's tutorial!}

Source: via Cristy on Pinterest

Thanks again to Trissta for letting me hang out here today. Come visit me over at Third Floor Design Studio anytime!


AquĆ­ said...

this is such a great idea! I love this! Great guest post my dear!

Kimberly Moore said...

Thanks for the sweet words! It means SO much!! : D