The Commenting Debacle

Lately, I've been hearing a lot about people not commenting as much as they used to, especially when it comes to giveaways. It disheartened me at first, knowing that I'm just a little blog, that if big, popular blogs are noticing it, that I would notice a big difference too. 

Can you hear me singing this song with the phrase 'I'm just a little blog, nobody loves me!'? Sigh. So, I've worked my tail off to boost my SEO and have learned so much about how to get more readers on my blog and get more word out through Linky Parties and commenting. Yes, through commenting I've gained more friends and readers and comments back on my own blog.

However, I do not just comment to get more readers, as I know some bloggers are apt to do. In my opinion, that's the main reason comments and entries into giveaways have dropped off. Blogging is getting a little overrun and it's hard to make a name for yourself without a ton of work and time, so many of those bloggers who commented just for the sake of getting their blog out there have stopped. Yes, Dr. Trissta has spoken and called those pesky people out!

 My own motto when it comes to commenting is very similar to my motto when meeting people and making friends: you don't have to like what the person is talking about, but rather like who the person is. Sounds a bit corny, but that's how I've found some of my best blogger (and real) friends by listening to their body language and their passion for a subject, rather than the words coming out of their mouth. When you give them feedback like 'that's an interesting subject, I'm very intrigued by your passion for it' those people beam and want to keep talking to you and make friends. Thus, when you comment and let someone know you're out there watching and listening, it helps boost them along the way. I simply go crazy when I have comments add up to tell me that I'm not alone in this little world and that people do care about me, even if they haven't met me. I can get a happy high from one little comment saying that someone found my blog and they were so glad they stopped by, and believe me, I've had some people in real life ask me what I'm on after that happens. :)

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This brings me to the purpose of this post (yes, I know it has nothing to do with cheap home and living stuff). I am creating own little oath, here and now, that now matter how many comments I get, I will always visit the blogs of those readers and leave my own little help along message. I will let those bloggers that I've formed friendships with (even if all they did was a guest post for me) know that I support them and love what they're doing, even if it's not to my taste or what I would have done. That's what makes everybody unique, and maybe, I guess, you could just say that I'm supporting unique-ness. If you'd like to join me, please, leave a comment and tell me what you're going to do to support unique-ness within the blogosphere. 

Much Love,


Ms. Givens said...

Great post. I notice comments slow way down in the summer and some bloggers disappear.
I try to always comment back on those who visit me and I go thru my followers once in a while to comment on their blogs if they are still blogging. Many that I have followed no longer blog and so I try to make my main focus my current blogger friends and those I truly click with.

AquĆ­ said...

Fantastic topic to discuss! My blog isn't big by any means but I have definitely noticed the decrease in commenting. It kinda sucks but maybe if those "fake commenters" are getting burnt out, we'll have some quality responses and comments from readers who actually care to read.

Heather said...

I totally agree. If you comment, you should really have something to say. It makes me smile in a sad way when I get comments from people who have obviously not read anything I've written. You should be able to follow me btw. I think there has been something weird going on with blogger, because I've been having to refresh a blog 2 or 3 times before I can find their follow button. For instance, I couldn't see your blue follow button until I refreshed. Sad face. Whew long comment!

-Heather from

Melissa @ Rooms said...

Excellent post! I am so glad you contacted me so that I could find your blog!

Milla said...

This is a great post and SEO is very important. As Ms. Givens stated above, I go through every comment I receive on my blog to see if the commenter has a blog I could visit or follow. I've found at least 10 new blogs through comments and link parties and my blog has only been up for a week!

Thanks Trissta for visiting and commenting.


A Happy Blogger :)

Jamie said...

Great post. I've noticed the trend, butni think some of it may just be lack of time. Atbthe beginningnof the year I cut back from posting five days a week to three so I'd have more time to visit blogs and comment, but I still have a hard time keeping up

elisabeth said...

this deserves a round of applause.
i couldn't agree more.
AND this is something i've been working on as well.
i'd like to think that the decline has something to do with summer vacations...
but who really knows.
i follow a ton of blogs & do my best to keep up commenting & keeping in touch... but i find myself doing a lot of reading & not a lot of commenting.
over the last couple of weeks, i've been trying to leave 5 - 10 comments a day. and i have to say, i'm doing pretty good :)


jandjhome said...

I definitely found myself in this bind this summer. I read all my daily reads but didn't really leave comments. I didnt want to spend time in front of the computer when I could be out having fun. I basically did all my reading on my phone. I hope it gets better now that schools starting.

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