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Goooood Morning! Yes, as you can tell I've had my lifesaver-energy exciter- love muffin (aka coffee) this morning. But, don't worry, you don't have to listen to my ramblings much more this morning. I have a very special guest this morning, sharing her own Chic Tip of the Week. Melissa, author of Rooms: Celebration of delightful spaces, is one amazing designer. She blogs about great design inspiration (hello, Umbrellas?!) and has a great eye for products. Thus, without much more of me blabbing on and scarring you off... here she is. 

My chic tip is not earth shattering by any means.  Art is a decor essential that can be very expensive.  But, if you are on a budget (yes, that would be me) there are a ton of ways to make inexpensive art.  The one I am sharing today is the use of fabric. 

This was my little girl's room until recently (we moved).  When I was pregnant with her, I had a very, very limited budget for her room.  My husband was still in school and it was a rented town home that we knew we wouldn't be in forever so I didn't want to spend too much on the decor.  For the art above the crib, I simply stretched and stapled fabric over stretcher bars 

Stretcher bars can be purchased at any art supply store in a variety of lengths to make whatever size frame you want. They are so very inexpensive!

So go ahead find a fabric you love, determine the size(s) of art you need for your wall, assemble your stretcher bars, and begin stapling!  Wah - laa your own custom art!  

A few tips to complete this project:
- Bold, large-print fabrics usually work the best.
- To begin stapling, put one middle staple on all four sides, and then work your way to the corners.  
- Make sure you pull your fabric very tight!

And one more thing, here are some of my favorite places to go to for inexpensive fabrics:

Oooh! What a great idea, right?! I have a few pieces of fabric at home that I know just what to do with now. Thanks, Melissa for sharing! Now, my dear readers, head over to Melissa's blog Rooms and give her some lovin'. 


Sarah @ said...

ooh I know exactly where I need to put something like this in my home . . . now where to buy a staple gun!

Sparrow's Nest said...

lovely! Did you also make the bird mobile? It's really cute too :)

Thank you for following on my blog! It always makes my day to see someone new is interested in what I'm posting.