Chic Tip of the Week

Since life has been crazy and hectic the last little while, a few things have gotten off schedule. Including the Chic Tip of the Week. We're doing it early this week. Haha, yes, for once in my life I'm doing something early, instead of a week late. Sigh. Today, I have the most fabulous Aaron of The Thrifty Abode, sharing her favorite design tip to display photos, artwork, and other significant items!

My Chic Tip is certainly not groundbreaking or original, but it is a decorating staple that I absolutely love to use in my home.  In fact, I love it so much that I have two and I'm about to get started on a third.  My chic, but cheap tip for covering a large expanse of wall...two words:  gallery wall.

This is the gallery wall in my kitchen.  I have a ton of wall space in my house and this wall is the first thing that you see when you walk in the door.  I found the small frames in the Target Dollar Spot a few years ago and the big frames are from Michael's.  I spent about $15 on those.  The clock and the plates were wedding presents so they were free (yay!) and so was all of the art that I used to fill up the frames.  I used sites like Botanicus and the Graphics Fairy to find free prints that I liked and I just printed them onto photo paper with my little ink jet printer.  When it was all done, I spent about $20 to fill up a pretty big space.

This is gallery wall #2 and it's in my son's room.  When I put this wall together I only had to spend money on some of the artwork that I put in the frames.  I designed the birth stats print (shameless plug alert:  I'm now selling these in my Etsy shop) so I only had to pay the cost of getting it printed.  The vintage space-themed prints came from a book that cost about $5.  I just ripped out the pages that I liked and put them into frames.  The frames I used were frames that I already owned, I just gave all of them a fresh coat of white semi-gloss paint.

Gallery walls are so versatile and there really are no rules to putting one together.  The best part is that they don't have to cost a ton of money.

A big thanks to Aaron for inspiring us, especially me, to put more of our pictures, prints, art, and so much more on display. Be sure to stop by The Thrifty Abode and read more of her posts! Oh, and be sure to comment! You know, us bloggers always love to know someone is reading our crazy thoughts and agree with the almost insanity the ensues from them! :) I know I could start doing kartwheels after I read some of the comments you leave me! 


Fashion Tales.... said...

Ohh, I need to get to a Target.. none near me at the moment. I like the inspiration and you've done a nice job here! Thanks for swinging by the blog & your lovely comment. -xo

Ms. Givens said...

I needed this. I have 2 large areas I have been at a loss as to how to decorate. Now I know.

Jamie said...

Great ideas - I've been working on a gallery wall (or two) I need to get them finished

Brandi said...

Your gallery wall is stunning! Love all the prints!