What I Learned from Design Star

Last night I watched Design Start and BOY! it was one of those things that I just fell in love with. I've never been an avid TV watcher, but this last year, it's been my get away from stress and school and everything else in the world. Thus, I've fallen in love with HGTV, Discovery Channel, Bravo, E, you name it, I've probably watched it in the last 6 months. Design Star is one of those shows that I've heard of before, just never took the time to watch. I've seen TV as a menial thing that I don't need in my life... until now. Now, I'm eating my words and putting my foot in my mouth. So, while watching I made note of a few things that I'm ALWAYS going to remember when I'm designing spaces and landscapes...

#1: Use big things to make a BIG impact!

In this room that Tyler did... I was in awe! It was so abstract that it got my attention. Totally got my attention! It's amazing that all he did was paint the wall and construct a chair out of water bottles. Definitely a winner, when all you're looking for is impact and bringing out a feeling. Very futuristic.

This... is SO underwhelming. When J was working this room, she said she had too many projects to finish and on her list that she couldn't get them all done. Thus: keep your list short and your projects BIG! Plus, on a room that small... Use the wall, not the floor.

#2: Put a little of yourself and personality into the design.

This is the room that won. You know why? Because the designer, Mark, was inspired by his personal life and his grandfather's career in the Air Force. Put yourself into a space and let your personality shine!

Doug's room was a tribute to a graffiti artist... which is great, if you were designing the room for that artist. Doug, a former graffiti artist, would have been more successful had he brought his own art into his room.

#3: Balance is great, but if there's something you want to stand out... Only put one in there.

Okay, as much as I love Leslie in this competition... Her design was a little confusing. The room seems balanced, but it's because my eyes keep jumping back and forth from wall to wall trying to see everything. When you have something as awesome as those graffitied walls, make them the focal point that people will see when they first view the room or simply extend the graffiti around the whole room.

Although it wasn't my favorite, Kellie did a good job creating balance by extending those stripes all the way around the room. However... it did feel a little off balance with the big blue pieces on one side and the little bitty pink stuff on the other side. 

#4: Don't throw in last minute things that you can't complete. 

Cathy's room... well, while watching the show, boy, she sure got on my nerves. Ultra perfectionist and seems like... Gawd. Too put together for me. She waited until the last minute to think... Oh, I need something on the wall. When, she really didn't. Look at her focal point! It's on the floor! That floor was super cool, and she totally just let me down when she started gluing stuff to the wall. Now it just looks like... blah. You could tell she's staged and made perfect spaces... it's just so ugh. 

Kevin on the other hand, knew exactly what he was doing! Starting out with his wall was so smart. It was the key element in the room and really really stood out. I love this room, especially that he used mop heads as rugs! SMART!

#4: Simplicity is key! 

Bret did this room so simply. Keep the floors white, do some graffiti art on the wall, don't alter the furniture too much... and reuse patterns and materials to create that simplicity.

#5: Think about your color palette.

The room that Karl did... so focused on that color scheme. I loved this room, even though it wasn't so graffiti-esque. It's his design style and he brought out that he loves working with colors. He thought it through and really made it work. Not very abstract, but it worked.

Oh boy... Meg's room... well, I just don't think she had a concept or a way of thinking about how to keep it all together. It was creepy with the color choices and her thoughts on bringing the shadows in... I just don't get it. As a designer, there's a process we go through. We don't just create pretty spaces, we create places where life happens and that tell stories. But maybe it's just that she introduced herself as an Interior Architect that bothered me so much. Blah. 

Anyways, that's what I learned! Are you a fan of the show?! What did you learn??


AquĆ­ said...

I've only seen it a few times. I don't have a t.v. so I'm kinda out of the loop when it comes to popular shows. All these rooms loo really interesting though. I really like the first one!

Amanda Hill said...

I am a faithful watcher, but kinda disappointed in the designs :( sad to say it but it's all been done before. The white box challenge is hard to judge because it doesn't have to be functional, but the first episode was so BORING...it felt really amateur. I have hope though...someone will be original and creative. Show me something that they haven't done in the past, please!

Mrs. T said...

I looooooove design star. Karl inspired me to do my guest room mural!