Welcome to the Party

Tea Party that is... :) 

I hosted a tea party for my nieces yesterday. Yep. A full fledged tea party, including dress up clothes, crumpets, and the whole she-bang. Here's what the set up looked like... (Prepare for a picture overload!) 

And here are our dress up pictures! Of course we had to have a photoshoot as well!

And, of course, they raided my closet and wore my shoes. :)

And traded accessories...

What's dress up without a little sass??

Of course, our British great great grandmother would be appalled by our absolutely horrible British accents. 

But don't worry, we had the boy here to bring down the overwhelming level of estrogen running through my condo... 

This is by far one of my absolute favorite pictures!! Hat whisperers...

The girls just couldn't wait to get started!

And, of course, I got in on the action.

And, we soooo enjoyed our tea time. Next month: Safari!

Doesn't it look delectable? 


mama mouse said...

i love it! you are so creative girl!

Ms. Givens said...

This is adorable! My niece lives on the East Coast and I have only met her once but I would love to have a Strawberry Shortcake doll themed party with her.

Sharde said...

how adorable! i love it! :) i'm sure everyone had a blast!!

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Jae said...

i love tea parties. once in awhile my sister and i got a fancy hotel for one. :)