Update Time!!

Sorry it's been so long... I didn't know that I had internet at Caples Lake until yesterday night... and by then, I was much too sunburnt and tired to even think about posting. Sigh. So, today, while it storms outside my window, I'm going to share a few pictures of the sunnier days here at Caples.

The view from my bedroom. Sooooo gorgeous!

After a hike to the top of the mountain! 

This one is actually Red Lake... It's still gorgeous!

And a small hint of things to come... :)

And this is the view outside my window just a few hours ago. Sigh. Good thing it's already gone! Here's to a happy, sunny July!!

Hugs and kisses!!


AquĆ­ said...

looks like you're having an amazing time out in California! I'm out of town right now but my neighbor said I got a package yesterday so I'm hoping its from you. Its completely normal for mail to be delayed here, Ive been told. It will come, its just a matter of when.