Things My Mother Didn't Teach Me

This weekend I had many adventures with my dad for the holiday weekend. Yes, it's a holiday here in Utah; Pioneer/Founder's Day. So, my dad has been in town, which has been a fiasco, but amazing at the same time! He's been my first house guest and I have spoiled him accordingly. Awesome towels, fresh bedding, and so forth. In return, he bought me groceries. (Can you hear me squealing with delight? Yeeeeeeeeeeee!!!) 

Anyways, I digress, while he was here, I started thinking about the things that I've learned from living on my own, without the influence of my mom or my dad. Now growing up, my mom was the enforcer and definitely got a little hectic with six kids to raise, while my dad was the one working all the time to provide for us. Now, I know that I cannot be the only one out there in this situation. I moved out on my own when I was 14 (Ok, not exactly on my own own, but it was a separate house from the big house). I paid for my own clothes, school necessities, and so forth. There was a lot to learn, and believe me, if there was a harder way, I found it. Things like doing the laundry, cleaning baseboards and showers, taking care of my own body, and taking care of people around me. Now, my mom did teach me a lot growing up. Oh, believe me, she taught me many complex things about being smart and studying, but passed over the more well known basics. 
The more I've talked to my sisters, friends, and other bloggers, the more I've realized that many of those well known basics aren't really known anymore. There have been new things replace those things and parents who didn't pass them on, thinking they were just common sense. Well, this common senseless girl has had enough! Here are some things that my mother didn't teach me:

-Cleaning basics. I know how to wash dishes and sweep the floor, yes, but I don't know the proper care of a hard wood floor, how to clean walls and baseboards, how to keep nice things nice, and much much more.
-Clothing basics. Sewing! I wish I was taught how to sew properly from my mom. She is an amazing seamstress, but never once pulled out the machine and taught me the basic. I know how to do some amazing cross stitch and other random skills, but the only thing I know about a sewing machine was the two weeks we spent on them in high school. I also wish she had taught me how to look for quality items, know how to alter items, and show me how to dress my body properly.
-Body Basics. Oh man. My mom was great at teaching me about sex, but I think she missed a few things that the maturation program in 4th grade didn't cover about my body. The old lady that taught me about my womanly parts was very reserved and only taught me about what type of pads to use. Proper care of my womanly parts is very important, without proper care you can get yeast infections, STD's, etc etc. Those things can kill you. Thus, I feel it's very important to educate yourself more about the proper care of those lady parts, as well as the rest of your body.
-Nutrition Basics. Speaking of the rest of the body... knowing about what goes into my body and why is something that I've always struggled with. Carbs, calories, daily percentages? Huh? Health in high school taught me what all those things are physically, but once they get into my body, what happens? Yes, I took Biology and learned about all that, but they didn't individualize everybody's family history and tell you what to eat or what diseases run in your family and everything else! 
-Love and Relationship Basics. Okay, so I totally believe that this is something that you should find out on your own, but there are somethings I wish my mother had told me. Sigh, yes, she and my dad taught me that boys only want to get in your pants, but it's a completely different ball game anymore! And flirting tips?! Yes, please! You can't find that kind of stuff online! 

There's more, but I'll spare you the novel. These basics are something I feel that everyone should know and that are vital to living cheaply, yet chicly. So, ladies and gentlemen, welcome to my quest to uncover all the things my mother didn't teach me.

Please, if there's something your parents didn't teach you, share your experiences! We should learn together as a whole, not as separate pieces. Plus, you could teach me something that I should know, so help a girl out!


AquĆ­ said...

so many things my parents didn't teach me, living on your own can be quite the adventure!

Joline said...

#1. grocery shopping
#2. making dinner-my mom never did meal plans but would decide what was for dinner a mere 60min before it needed to be on the table. she always seemed to have ingredients to make anything...which takes me back to number 1-grocery shopping.