Some DIY Fun

Well, today, I'm going to share my little love board. On Pinterest, I have a great big love affair going on with DIY projects-- or possible DIY projects. Some of the projects that I absolutely love and will be doing in my own home soon!

Alicia at Thrifty and Chic did this DIY painted tree stump that I've been meaning to do for forever!! Can you imagine them painted gold or silver?? Yumm.

Alexis from Persia Lou shared this awesome DIY Capiz Shell art on The Country Chic Cottage-- that you KNOW I'm gonna be doing soon! Cheap and gorgeous and just perfect for my next project.

Karen from the Art of Doing Stuff (Such a GREAT inspiration!! She is amazing) made this personal DIY Fire Pit.

Danika over at Gorgeous Shiny Things created these awesome DIY Faux Malachite lamps that are just awesome...

Now, these projects are simply amazing... but if you're interested in doing more, just visit my Pinterest board! I'm always adding more projects to do or inspiring products, designs, etc. that could inspire your next DIY project!

PS... Here's a great idea of using old things for new uses... I love this idea!

Using decorative animal heads (Real or ceramic!! There are great ceramic ones if you have an aversion to the real! I'm pretty sure the ones above are plaster, so no fear!) to hang your jewelry!


Rebecca said...

I love the tree stump "coffee tables"! That is so amazing!!

Alexis @ persia lou said...

Thanks so much for including my project!

Anonymous said...

love the ideas, minus the animal heads one- gross.

AquĆ­ said...

I love the ceramic animal head as a jewelry hanger!!