Room Reveal

Okay, so it's been a while since I've updated you on my Room by Room project! Well, the latest in my quest is my dining area. I've been hard at work in this space, wanting to create the best space to impress my guests and have a great atmosphere for dinners. So, without further adieu...

My dining area.

Sorry I couldn't get a picture of the whole thing... my camera will only zoom out so far! 

Here's what you'd see when you first walk into the kitchen area. This gives you a great view of the toilet paper art I did awhile ago.

I put large mirrors on the wall above my buffet. Any guess what they are?! Closet doors! And the Buffet? Was a stereo my mom got when she was 16. You know those old stereos with the orange and black fabric speakers and scrolled details? Yep. It was one of those. I simply cut out foam core panels, covered them in a light blue material and edged them with furniture tacks and then hot glued them to the front of the stereo! Voila! Super modern buffet. Although... I still have to find the legs I bought to finish it! Dammit. 

Here is my West Elm table that I got for a steal ($70 at the DownEast tent sale) and my chairs that I got for $10. Yep. All of them for $10. I bought them at the University surplus sale. I love the random blue one I got, because they only had three of the black leather ones, and it's definitely become a conversation piece! So unexpected!

Oh, and my rug! OMG. I love that thing. I paid $25 for it at my local thrift shop. I've been wanting one like it for forever, so I"m soooo happy I found it! Of course, I scooped it up and guarded it with my life.

And, my chalk board wall. I painted it when I first moved in and thought it would be fun. Just goes to show! Follow your design instincts and look where they take you! The shelf was one from my grandpa, and I've had it since I can remember. The boxes are simply painted shoe boxes. Book ends came from my last room mate! Coconut men! Originally for margaritas, but I filled them with some of the rocks I've collected over the years and they work perfectly! The driftwood was a piece I fished out of Caples Lake, about two weeks ago. That's my favorite part of traveling is getting the free souvenirs! 

Next up: The ultimate guest bedroom! I can't wait to show it to you next week!

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Rebecca said...

So sleek and chic, I love it! And I love chalkboard walls. I'm planning to put on in my office. They're just so cool!

Rebecca {hearts} Salt Lake City

L'sJourney said...

Pictures don't do it justice... there's an absolute amazing feeling standing in it. Good Job Missy... Good Job.

AquĆ­ said...

great job! Love the rug! I'm a huge fan of those types of rugs too! Love the chalkboard wall. Such a fun element for a home!

Mrs. T said...

Loving the blue chair