Crafty Crafty

Remember the my DIY project post yesterday? Well, last night with a little bit of luck and my good friend Amy... I managed to complete one of my projects on my list. :) Don't worry... We got tons of pictures of all the fun! And don't worry... this project is completely free. The only things required are grocery sacks, a hot glue gun, and glue sticks.

Cut the grocery bags into strips as seen here on Evie S and start gluing!

Here we gooooooooo!

Step 1: Roll the strip up and twist it around into a circle.

Step 2: Glue the ends together and voila! The beginning of your adventure is over...

Step 3: Repeat steps 1 and 2, but interloop the two circles.

A little tip: let the glue set for a second (The glue will melt the bag and we learned that melted plastic bag hurts. Bad.)

Put the ends of the strips together and let it sit. :) Now, repeat the process again, but remember to put them together and link them to make a chain! (We forgot a couple times.... Haha! We had random single rings floating around my coffee table. Sigh.)

Of course, we had to have our entertainment... Nate Berkus, of course. I'm gonna get on that house proud segment one day! I'm bound and determined now!

And funny faces... Which I love. :)

And ate marvelous strawberry brownies and ice cream. Yummmmm.

And Amy just had to mix it all together. Haha... Marvelous!

And a forewarning for any of you wanting to do this project... You will get covered in hot glue. :) I was so covered that I kept rubbing it off and this is what my carpet still looks like this morning.  

Yes. That is hot glue.

And this is a little sneak peek of what we did with them! You'll have to wait to see what room it's in! Can you guess?!

Thanks, Amy for a great crafty night!

See how it looks in my {Guest Bedroom}


AquĆ­ said...

thats really cool diy project!! I really can't wait to see your completed tree stump! Such a great idea for a coffee table!

Ally said...

This is so creative! Did you read this somewhere or is it your own invention?! It looks absolutely amazing.