Adventures in Saving

In the Salvage Yard. Yes, the salvage yard. 

This last week, I had one of the most exciting adventures in my quest for saving money while decorating my house. What happened is... I had found these old metal lockers behind the local thrift store, but they weren't in the normal junk pile. They were in the salvage pile. As dejected and upset as I was, I managed to talk to the guy who runs the salvage yard that they were being taken to. So, I made a little trip out there the next day, only to realize I hadn't given him enough time to get them back to the yard. Sigh. I guess my patience gene wasn't working that day. As I cursed myself for driving the 20 minutes to get there, I calmly (as possible) asked him if he would mind me looking around and seeing if there were other things I could work with as a student. He, although a little reluctantly, said yes and sat out in the yard to watch me so I wouldn't get hurt. My clumsy gene has been acting up lately and showing itself full force, so it's good that he did! Anyways, I didn't take anything home with me, but I did manage to get some amazing pictures of the yard!

This little horse would be sooo much fun to fix up for my nephew! I had one just like it when I was a kid...

This awesome print on metal was sooo cute I wanted to grab it up and take it home!

This scale was super cool! I wish that I had a great big truck to take everything home with me!!

This little tank was just cool. I don't know what I would ever do with it, but it was cool!

I mean... Look! There are perfectly good metal bed frames out there! That white one would be incredible all fixed up!

I loved this wonder print! I'd totally steal it off the truck!

And a little inspiration! This guy knows how to decorate! ;) This would be spectacular as an art installation in a living room or kitchen!

Thus, my adventure was super enlightening and exciting! I can't wait to go back again and actually take stuff! Mind you, I will warn you: Salvage yards are not squeaky clean and wonderful. If you dare take the adventure, make sure you dress for it! Sturdy boots, gloves, and lots of patience are needs in this situation. Also, for you people who are saying 'Gross! I would not go searching through that trash for anything. You could get a disease!' I say: keep an open mind and realize that everything found here is metal; it can be washed and there are no ooey gooey stuff all over it. It's simply been sitting out in the yard getting rained on. You can find all sorts of treasures there! 

Much love,


Amanda Hill said...

Really inspiring! Glad I found you, I will be back :) Plus I am a new follower xoxo!

L'sJourney said...

Ummmm.... I'd go with you anytime.

Jones said...

I'd steal the Wonder Bread sign too. How cool would that be in a uber modern all white kitchen or dining room? Fabulous post!! Chic Rooms