Using Flowers

Well, I love using flowers in my house in the traditional way. Vases of fresh flowers in my room, on my kitchen table, or even in the living room will brighten my day and make me smile all the time. However, today, I'm thinking of using them in an untraditional way... Framing them. I went out on a little adventure, that I like to call a flower tour, in my little town... and boy, I found some amazing specimens! Here's what I'm talking about...

You can even use them for inspiration in room decor! Look for items with flowing, organic edges, or with bright colors... anything is possible!

What do you use for your inspiration?? Or, what would you do using these flowers for inspiration?


L'sJourney said...

Oh Daisies... You look so happy!

A field of daisies is my "happy place"... I know, I'm weird.

Coley said...

I always have flowers around the house and won't throw them out until they are basically dead haha. They brighten up a room no matter what :)

AquĆ­ said...

I love having flowers around the house too! Unfortunately in Hawaii there are tons of misquotes and they lay their eggs in standing water so its hard to have flowers around for more than a few days or they swarm the house!