Rainy Days

Well, today is one of those days you just want to curl up next to that special someone and cuddle the whole day away. So, instead of doing that... I'm going to share a list with you. It's a great list of resources of cheap design stuff. Haha, just that simple, right? Well, I hope you enjoy it...

1) Thrift Stores. Ever my favorite! You can find so many weird, random things there, but also so many other amazing things. I wish there was a way to search through people's cars before they dropped off their junk, but hey... maybe I can start a field station. ;)

2) Surplus Sales. Most universities will have on-site auctions and sale for all the excess furniture, computers, and other stuff that departments get rid of. Believe me, I'm going to make a killing with this one soon. Can you say kitchen table set for cheap? Yes, I think you can.

3) Tent Sales and Scratch and Dent Sales. Right now, Down East Clothing and Furniture is having their tent sale. And I've managed to pick up a TON of stuff (including Diesel clothing) for chhheeeeaaapppp. I'm headed back on the last day to get some even cheaper stuff. The last days are by far the best!

4) Classified Ads. In Utah, we have KSL Classifieds. Believe me, they are amazing. It's almost like that field station I was talking about, although a bit more expensive. I got an amazing leather couch for $150. Yep. Only problem... getting them home. Luckily, my dad has a truck and is always willing to help!

5) Yard Sales/ Tag Sales/ Rummage Sales. If you're up for a little competition and bargaining... you'll find some amazing things at these sales. It's much easier to work with cash, especially when you're trying to get the owner to lower the price. 

6) Swap Meets and Estate Auctions. I used to work at an Antique Auction... and believe me, that stuff will usually go cheap. Like really cheap. I haven't been back to one in a while, but believe me, you'll find something amazing at every single one. 

7) Antique Stores and Pawn Shops. Yep. You heard me. Pawn shops. I picked up my Canon Rebel at one for $250 a couple years ago... and believe me. It was sooo worth it. Antique stores are great, especially Antique Malls. You'll get a variety of old and new and everything in between. 

8) Your Neighbors and Family. I'm the queen of hand-me-downs, since I'm the youngest girl, but now that I'm older and broke, I find that those hand-me-downs are god-sends. Using your friends and family is a great way to get what you need, but also to help the get rid of what they don't need. It's like a recycling program. 

9) DIY and Repurposing old items. This is one of my favorite options. It's always fun to get creative with what you already have and using them for new purposes. Add a coat of paint, some love, and a little bit of tender care, and you'll have a unique piece that is specially yours. I've used bookcases as shoe holders, and benches as coffee tables... Who knows what new use you'll find from that junker you've kept in the garage for forever.

10) Holiday Sales. Most stores have great holiday sales, and if you hit them at the right time, you can get some great merchandise for a fraction of the price... the only problem? The crowds. I'd almost rather pay full price than to deal with some of the horrid people shopping at that time. 

What do you think? Do you have special places you save all your money at? Leave a comment and I'll add it to the list!  


AquĆ­ said...

love this list! You know how much I love thrifty items!