My New (to me) Favorite Staple

Well, since my camera is broken, we're going to be reverting back to the old school way of blogging when you don't have a camera: Stealing  Borrowing pictures. Recently, I've discovered my love for boyfriend jeans. 

Although, I'm sans a boyfriend.... I've still managed to find a few old pairs of my dads that fit me perfectly! (Crazy, right?) For all you single ladies who don't have your dad's jeans still around, boyfriend jeans are probably one of the easiest trends to thrift. 

Just go to the men's section instead of the ladies! Mens jeans are sorted by waist size, mine being a 31, so for the boyfriend style, I'd go up a few inches to get the right effect... Loose, low slung, and comfy.

I love how many different styles there are when it comes to boyfriend jeans! You can wear them cuffed high or low, no cuff, with heels or flats. They're so versatile and fun! 

I think Heidi Klum does them quite wonderfully...

Annnd when my new camera finally gets here... I'll take some pictures of mine and post them! <3 Do you have any new loves in your closet? Tell me!! :)