Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Hard Candy Lash Tint Review

Well, I recently found this Lash Tint from Hard Candy. It's available at Wal Mart for $7. Now, I've always had really really light lashes...

Exhibit A

So, I thought that by using the lash tint that it would help. So I went ahead and bought the $7 bottle of whatsit and decided to try it. Now, I have always been a little nervous about putting chemicals and dyes near my eyes, so I've never tried tinting before. Well, now that it's on the market and deemed safe, I decided that it wouldn't hurt to try it. So, here are the things I learned while using Hard Candy's Lash Tint.

Lesson #1) Do not apply it like regular mascara. One simple coat does the trick. If you put too much on, it will clump up. For the whole 4 days that it lasts.
Lesson #2) It does last for 4 days. Yep. I had spider lashes for 4 great days. So, if you use it, one simple layer will work. If you want more volume and whatever, use regular mascara on top of it when it's dry.
Lesson #3) Lash Tint doesn't add volume or thicken your lashes. It simply tints your lashes. Don't get any false visions that it's the holy miracle of mascaras. It's great if you want more than waterproof and don't want to apply mascara for days. 
Lesson #4) After 4 days, I felt like it was really sticky. But it's possible that I applied too much. I will be trying it out again, but with the rule in mind. Tint = don't over apply. 

So, lessons learned. Don't apply too much, it does last all 4 days it's supposed to, it can get sticky, and it does not add any kind of volume or length to your lashes.

And there you go! If you have any other questions or have a product you've tried out, please feel free to share! I'd love to find out about more products like this or ones that you love!

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AquĆ­ said...

fantastic review! I'm actually going to walmart today, going to pick up a tube!