Dunnn Dunnnn Dunnn DAAAAAAAHHHHHH!

Well, it's the moment you've all been waiting for! My final living room reveal! You remember what it looked like midway, right? Here's the before, just to remind you...

A little plain, a little boring... but with a little bit of TLC and love, it came to life! Here's what it looks like now...

Added a side table...
And pictures... (Some still need to be filled, but they will be soon!)
Filled the bookshelf...
Added a pop of color... (And remember the 2/3rds rule when it comes to artwork behind the couch? Check it out!!)
Add lots of layered lights...
And it all starts to come together like so... (Thanks for voting for the bench. I LOVE it!)
And mirrors... Adds more light to the room.
And use what you have... remember the painting I had over my couch? It's now right over my piano! Perfect proportions! 
And there you have it! Doesn't it look soooo pretty?!

Here's the budget breakdown for you.... All items were thrifted, giften, or stolen at an awesome price!
Couch: Found in the Classifieds $150
Side Table: Downeast Tent Sale, added my own furniture legs later $36
Lamps: Thrifted from Salvation Army and Deseret Industries $6, $5, $3
Floor Cushions: Downeast Tent Sale $16 for all
Piano Side Table: Deseret Industries $3
Black Bench: Deseret Industries $10
Book Case: My Grandpa's, painted and lacquered $2
Wooden Vases: Pier 1 $6 for both
Picture Frames: Somebody's Attic and Deseret Industries $15 for all 17 of them
Pillows: Left by old room mate
Candles: Given by mom
Antique sewing table with Pine top: Antique Auction $35 (Bought over 3 years ago)
Prints, Pictures, and Paintings: Gifted by mom, stolen from a calender, painted and taken by me, and sent to me by Oana Befort (I won a giveaway!)
Pink Painted Vase: My grandma's gifted to me after she passed away
Lavender: Picked up at a yard sale for $1 
Glass Vase: My mother's... shhhh don't tell!
Plants and smaller items on Piano: Already had in other rooms
Rug: Deseret Industries $10
Grandma Chair: Deseret Industries $15
Leather Ottoman: Ross $10
Coffee Table: Stolen from my dad
Curtains: Walmart Clearance Table $2.50
Curtain Rod: Already had

Grand Total Spent... $325.50 

You know, I don't think it's that bad when you consider half of that was my couch. Haha, one day, though, I'm going to have to invest in a much much smaller TV. That big ol' box is driving me crazy!! But until then... Just gonna work on the next room: the second bedroom.

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Aquí said...

it looks great!! I really like how you used the prints from italy to inspire the whole look!

Jaclyn said...

I think it looks great! So jealous over some of your finds! And at such a great price! I would of never of guessed! =) Way to go!!

Jill said...

What a difference. I love it!

Ana from Sweet Serendipity said...

I love finding thrifted pieces to decorate my home. you did a great job. It looks so AMAZING!!! Love all the colors, details, and lighting. Thanks for linking up to thriftaholics weekly, hope to see you there this week also :)

Mrs. T said...

I love the pops of red!