Chic Tip of the Week

Well, this week your tip is brought to you by Nate Berkus. 

Not officially straight from the man, but I was watching his show (as usual, I Tivo it just in case I miss it) and there was a rerun of an episode than ran a couple months ago. It was entitled "Reclaim Your Space". Does it give you a hint? Haha, this tip is about having a clean, happy house. The ever wonderful Peter Walsh (who also has his own show on OWN network) was giving tips on how to tame clutter and become more simple in your lifestyle. So, I thought I'd share it with you today as the Chic Tip of the Week. Enjoy.

Just remember a clean, simple home is a happy home. It's a tough job to keep your house squeaky clean... but put in 80% effort in and you'll have a very clean home in no time. Remember, it takes 3 weeks to build a habit. Make it your goal to keep your home clean and organized!


Aquí said...

Love this! As dorky as it sounds I love watching stuff like this and self help books about reclaiming space and organization!