Chic Tip of the Week

Well, it's that time again, and I have a most glamourous girl to share her tips with us! Miss Vanessa of A Girl's Tale of Shopping, Saving, and Sequins is going to tell us about one of her absolute favorite stores!

Living on the Chic could not have provided a more perfect platform for my guest post on wondrous home-goods store, Tuesday Morning. 

I was initially introduced to Tuesday when I did a brief stint living in Tulsa, Oklahoma. My husband’s family was all about Tuesday Morning and so I was thrilled when I moved back to my home state, California, and happened upon a store in my own town! Yeesss!

Now, don’t expect anything glamorous. Tuesday Morning is set up like a warehouse with each isle representing a different aspect of your home’s necessities. Think T.J. Maxx, minus ALL the clothes! However, Tuesday’s does carry a small conservative amount of clothing for men, women & babies.

I love Tuesdays. I can easily spend a good hour or two meticulously canvassing the isles for just about anything you could THINK of for your home! Just to name a FEW things I’ve picked up over the years:

- an amazing Rowallan jewelry case

- awesome lime green Buddha for my garden…which actually doubles as a fabulous prop for  photos! LoL!

- cutest little shar-pei puppy statue, also for the garden & totally appropriate because I do have a shar-pei & his name is Willy…so relax! LoL!

- pasta tin container.

- amazing & usually quite costly, “vintage” French glass bottles/perfume bottles…my favorite bathroom accessory…these were an astonishing find and I actually went to TWO stores to collect all the ones I have!

- gorgeous mirrored picture frame…and a lot of other frames that you would love, but don’t need to see pictures of…you get the idea!

Anyway, before I loose you, if you don’t have a Tuesday Morning in your town, check them out online! And you know…there’s a reason it’s called Tuesday Morning….Every Tuesday is markdown day, and stuff that’s already priced to fly out the door will be gone as soon as the sale stickers go on them!

So, if anyone ever shops at the Sunnyvale TM store, I’ll be seeing you in the Le Creuset isle! =)

- Vanessa Grannis of A Girl’s Tales of Shopping, Saving & Sequins

And there you have it!! So, if there's a Tuesday Morning in your area, head on over and get some great deals!!


ShopSaveSequins said...

Looks fantabulous Triss!!!

mama mouse said...

love it! i love tuesday i got an amazing pink wood kitchen for my daughter for 40 bucks! it was originally 250! plus lots of cute kitchen accessories

Vanessa Grannis said...

Glad you ladies enjoyed it! Thank you!!

Laura said...

i LOVE those vintage french perfume bottles! I ran to the Tuesday Morning by me in NY and searched the web to no end but no such luck! Do you know where else I can find these???

Shannon said...

Where did you find the lime green buddha!! desperately want one:)