Chic Tip of the Week

Now, it's been a few weeks since I've managed to do this... And I apologize, but hey! I'm back on the wagon and ready to ride! This week, I'm VERY VERY proud to present Miss Kirsten from Studs and Pearls. I've always been a huge fan of hers, and I just about passed out when she actually agreed to do a post for my little blog! So, without further adieu.... 

I'm all about repurposing items that are already in my closet, and this Scarf Vest is a great way to wear a scarf in an entirely new way. With just two cuts in specific places, you can instantly transform a scarf into a vest. The possibilities are really endless with this one!

- Kirsten at

- A large square scarf or piece of fabric; mine was 30x30 inches 
- Scissors
- A few minutes! 

Most vintage square scarves will be 30x30 - it seems to be the standard size for square scarves. 

The first and only step: cut two diagonal slits to insert your arms through. The measurements I used are above, but you can adjust this depending on your height and the size of your scarf. If the slits aren't completely straight and even, don't worry! The scarf will drape and fold into itself, so you won't be able to tell. I couldn't even tell until I looked at this picture, but it doesn't affect the wearability of the vest at all.

The best part? You can still wear it as a scarf if you wanted to. You can even use a large piece of fabric instead of a scarf - try some jersey for a casual vest, or some chiffon for a more formal look. If your fabric is fraying, you can either hem the slits (if you have a sewing machine) and/or use some Fray Check along the edges.

And there you have it! Isn't she just AMAZING?! I can't wait to go do this one myself. <3


AquĆ­ said...

really cute Idea I like it! oh about your message on fb. I think its a great idea but I've talked to a few bloggers and it doesn't seem that anyone is really open to sending their clothes away to someone else. too bad :(