Chic Tip of the Week

Okay okay... I know you think I forgot... But I promise I didn't!! I've just been a tad bit busy. :) Here this week is Jenny Hansen of The Nail Critic to share her Chic Tip of the week!! I'm happy to turn this little blog over to her.

Chic Tip of the Week
By: Jenny A Hansen “The Nail Critic”

Being super sleek and Chic is all about the details; the perfectly placed accessories, the fabric of your clothes and carefully selecting your shoes. 

If methodically planning your Chic look is a part of your week then you definitely earn some bragging rights here. 

However, pre-selecting your nail polish earns you not only bragging rights, but you also get a big fat gold star from me.  Right on your forehead!  

Nails are a big, big part of your overall look.

So, how do you create super fab nails on a tight budget?

First things first if you want to save the $70.00 a week, then you’ve got’a put in a little extra bit of time in picking up the right supplies.  My recommendations include:

-CND Sticky Base Coat
-Name Brand Color Polish (CND, OPI, essie, Ginger and Liz)
-CND Super Shiny Top Coat
-Pumis Stone
-CND Solar Oil Cuticle Oil

Stay up to date on the hottest nail trends by checking your favorite fashion magazines, or get creative and have fun.  Select your polish color by hunting down the most subtle hidden bit of color in your outfit or from an accessory.

I suggest purchasing the name brand nail polishes over the cheep ones for what I call “ease-ability.”  Pro polishes go on so smooth and give such great coverage. 

Cheap polish tend to be a big pain in the @ss.  You end up frustrated, with icky looking nails that have yet to dry 3 hours later!

For soft feet use a pumis stone every time you shower.   
Heed This Warning:  Never use the metal tools or that pedi egg thing-y…. they make me cringe..  Things that cut your body are bad. It sends your body into “repair the damaged tissue” overload, and your calluses end up worse and a never ending nightmare.

A fine Cuticle Oil will keep your cuticles looking great.  Conditioned and flexible nails are sexy.  A 10 min soak in Olive Oil once a week will do the trick as well.

Have fun, Play and Enjoy!