Chic Tip of the Week

Well, my friends, it's that time of the week again... And I know you're all so excited to see who is giving it this week! It's my very proud pleasure to introduce you to my good friend Sara. 
Sara is the author of Aqui, a life style-travel-fashion blog, which I absolutely adore. She is not only super creative, but is gorgeous to boot! She's going to Hawaii this next week (Leaving the same day as me! Maybe we'll cross paths??) and has been all over the world. Soooo... Without further adieu, I give you Aqui's Chic Tip of the Week

 DIY chiffon maxi

I have been wanting a chiffon maxi skirt for quite some time now and of course, my top choice fall in the $200+ range. I decided to try my hand at creating this look using an existing skirt and a few yards of black chiffon and heres how:

You will need:

short black skirt (preferably with an elastic waist band)

fabric sheers
black thread (and also a needle if you choose to do this project by hand)
tape measurer 
sewing machine

2 yards of black chiffon

1. Fold the chiffon in half and make sure that it measures at least 24 centimeters in width, pin and cut lengthwise.

 You're going to be sewing a tube of fabric before it is attached to the skirt. This can be done by hand, however, it will take much longer than with a sewing machine.

2. Now you flip the chiffon so that the seam you've just created is on the inside of the skirt and pin to the existing black skirt you already have. Now its time to sew the two together. 

Here is where it gets tricky. While sewing the chiffon to the elastic waist band of the mini, you must stretch it other wise you wont be able to get the skirt on after its been sewed. (I speak from experience)

3. Now all you have to do is hem the bottom of the skirt. I tend to hem my clothing by hand because its looks better and to me it's less frustrating but if you're good with the machine then save your self some time and go that route.

There you have it! The chiffon itself is expensive. I paid $16 for three yards but its much less than you might pay in a shop. Enjoy!



AquĆ­ said...

love it! Thanks so much for a little space on your gorgeous blog! I'll re post this sometime this week and link it back to you :)

Erin Willett said...

Wow, I would've never thought to attempt that myself! It looks great :)

Morgan said...

No way are you kidding me! I have got to make one of these thanks!!

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Marisa said...

That is gorgeous I might actually have to attempt it! (I am not by any means a seamstress ;)