Becoming Organized

Well, within the first week back in my place... I've realized a few things. 
1) I'm very disorganized
2) I have many projects I need to finish
3) I have too much stuff

So, this next week, I'm going to work on becoming a bit more organized. Like these gorgeous spaces!

What do you think?? What are your organizing secrets! Let me know! I need as much help as I can get! 

Much Love,


Kristie said...

So, I have an entire Pinterest folder devoted to workspace organization. The problem is, I love looking at organized stuff, but I am just not that organized. Maybe someday. Haha.

Jessee said...

I really like the top picture. Lots of stuff but in order. :)

Hmm... I'm organized, but in a messy way? I like stuff that belongs together to stay together (like books, for example) but I always end up with piles all over my apartment. To my right on the floor are sketchbooks, stationary, tissues, and pictures that I might use in the near future. All of the rest of them are on my bookshelf. So... maybe put away the stuff you don't use a lot?

Aquí said...

Love these images! Really inspiring me to do some of this organizing. My problem is storage space. I don't think anyone ever thought about it when they built my little jungle tree house.

La Mode En Rose said...

i like that way of organizing in the last photo!

kisses from La Mode En Rose = )