Okay, so I've been putting this off for a while.. I'm not good at accepting awards or compliments. Which is something that was pointed out to me. So, first things first. I was given the Liebster blog award from Talitha {Her blog is TTimeChatter, you should check it out!}. 

So, now that I've accepted it and talked about myself... It's time to pass on the love!! :)

1. L's Journey. She's one of my best friends. My sounding board. I adore her. 
2. Divorced and 21. We're making long distance work. She's fast becoming another one of my besties.
3. Memoirs of a little thing called life. I adore this lady!! She's currently abroad, but one day I'll go visit her and see all her scenery in real life!
4. Indie Ogden Utah. Cute little Mikki is awesome! She posts all about the happenings in Ogden (I don't live there, but I did find out about Urban Chic through her!!)
5. Running on Happiness. Oh my wow. If there is someone that I ever admired, it is Katie. I feel as though she is my much... much much taller twin. Love her style, her attitude towards life, and everything about her!

Okay, now on to the yummy part of this post. This is what I ate for dinner:

DELICIOUSO. I had like 3 of them. 


mikaela said...

awwwww thanks a bunch!

L'sJourney said...

Revel in you awesomeness Girl... Take those compliments and run. You make me so happy.

Talitha said...

Thanks for the shout missy :)

And omg I would of devoured those mini lasagnas!!