Thankful for my Lovies

Today is Easter. Now I'm not super religious at the moment, and I don't like to splurge my personal life often (at least not on this blog) but I thought that I'd pay a little homage to bloggers who have helped me, changed my life, and inspired me to do more than sit on my butt at home. 

Today, I'm going to share some of my favorite bloggers with you. Happy Easter and Enjoy!

Maegan -- She was the first blog that I ever found, and I was instantly captivated. She seems to be the epitome of gorgeousness and loveliness. I simply adore her. She may not know, but she's the reason I started blogging. <3 And the day she responded to one of my tweets... I almost died. The day that she started following me on Twitter, I pretty much did die... From happiness.
Laura -- One of my besties. She is always inspiring me to do more or be more by talking about her own journey. She and I also write for the Sex Diet blog. We've given each other lovie names and have continued to write about our own journey of life, love, relationships, and sex. If you'd like to collaborate with us, just send me a quick email and let me know. I'll send you an author invite.
Mikaela -- Cute little momma mouse. She was one of the first blogger friends I made, and I'm so grateful for her!! <3 Much much love for this lady. She's adorable.
Ashley -- She has influenced me so much and we've never even met. She has undergone her own transformation over the last year, and she simply amazes me. She is so cute and bubbly and has been ever supportive and helpful when I've asked her to help with my blog and vice versa.
Chloe -- Oh my goodness. I feel like a total blog stalker when I go over and read her posts. She's so sweet and always replies back to my geeky little comments, send me my invite to Pintrest, and has me wanting to meet her in person (Which would mean traveling to the UK SQUEAAALL). Anyways, she's such a doll. 
Vanessa -- Holy moley. She is so amazing. We met after she had commented on one of my posts, and I ended up stalking her blog for a good week. She has helped so much with the cohesiveness of my blog (not that she knows it) by talking with me about communicating with companies and designers and networking and entering giveaways (She's the giveaway queen, btw). Love her. 

So, with that... I'll wish you all a very Happy Easter (or Happy Sunday). Oh, and be sure to share who YOUR homegirls are! I'd love to hear more about them and visit everyone's blog! :)

Much love,


Marisa said...

Haha I totally get you! I too died the day Maegan followed me on twitter!!! Glad I'm not alone :)

mikaela said...

awwwww thanks lady!

Morgan said...

Fun! I need to check them out!!

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L'sJourney said...

You are my perfect little nugget of happiness... I heart you.

Janis@Home Style said...

Thanks so much for stopping by my blog today and deciding to follow along....can't wait to check yours out.

Have a great week.