Spare Room

Okay, so the first room on my Room by Room Challenge is the spare bedroom. 

I had a room mate. Who wasn't exactly the responsible type. She was actually quite rude and annoying. However, now that she's moved out, and I'm not getting another room mate {yes, I am actually quite scarred for life}, I decided that the spare room would become a multi-functional room. I want to use it as not only a guest room, but a office/dressing room as well. You know, keep all my froo-froo stuff and my clothes and such. 

Then I'd have much much MUCH more room in my little bedroom. 

See? Now imagine a little 2x8 closet next to you in that picture and a small spoon carved dresser to your right. Yep. Tiny. Well, the spare room is about that same size, only... a lot more empty...

 So, I've done some research. And here is my inspiration.


Lavender & Lilies

Cheyenne Millwork

Apartment Therapy

Domino Magazine

Sex and the City

Domino Magazine

Apartment Therapy

Canadian House and Home

NY Daily News

House Beautiful

Ummm... Don't know.

Elle Decor

I love every single one of them!! Next, I'm gonna put together my mood boards and post them. After that? Material boards and the layout plan. YAY!! This is so exciting for me!


Contemporary Living Room said...

Nice room. The designs are one of a kind. I love this! Thanks for sharing this one.