Rustoleum Magnetic Paint Review

Okay, so as you've seen in my Spare Room updates and DIY desk, I've painted a magnetic wall. Yep. Magnetic. It's pretty much amazing, but I decided to go through the steps of giving it a review. Soooo.... Here you go.

I used Rustoleum's Magnetic Primer for my magnet wall... And I had mixed feelings about it. I decided to make a list of Pro's and Con's to compare how I felt about it.

1. The paint is actually a primer. In other words you could paint another color over the top of it and it would still work. Yessiree, Bob. Amazing, I know.
2. It really works. Yep. The magnets stick... not guaranteed to hold anything up, though, unless you purchase the really super duper magnetic ones.
3. It works perfectly behind desks, beds, etc. Anywhere you'd like a magnet board. Boom! You got one.

1. Rustoleum products are usually pretty spectacular. This one... well, to a certain degree it left me disappointed. It wasn't as magnetic as I was led to believe and it took more work that I thought it would, especially for the $20 that I paid for it. I'd find a coupon or buy it online for cheaper if I were to buy it again.
2. It took 3 coats of this bad boy to get my wall semi-magnetic. That's a whole can. For just enough to stick a magnet on. Won't hold much up without a super-duper magnet. Which are pretty expensive. 
3. This stuff seriously got everywhere. If you don't shake the can like every hour all the magnetic stuff sinks to the bottom and it gets really thick and hard to paint on without it splattering while you do it. Definitely make sure you get a paint stirrer. Ridiculous.

All in All: If I were to do this project again, I would probably apply 5 or 6 coats of the primer, stir it every half hour, cover the entire floor with plastic sheets, and most of all... Find a freakin' coupon. It's great once it's finished, and I didn't paint over mine so I don't know if it looses magnetic-icity when you do. I love the idea of having a magnetic wall behind my desk, but if it won't hold up paper... my use is pretty much gone. It'll hold up a single sheet, but I need it to hold up multiple. I'll just have to install a hook system or something. Haha.


Carolina said...

that is so awesome! i would love to havea magnetic wall in my kitchen! lol...i am having a giveaway on my blog, that is perfect for spring&summer! a RAD BIKINI by a young Mexican designeer! check it out, you wont be disappointed ♥ i promise!

Marisa said...

Hahah bummer it doesn't work as well as you hoped. None the less super cool idea! I had no idea you could buy magnetic paint.

Danelle said...

Trissta, I have used the Rustoleum magnetic primer as well and my experience was about the same. I did end up covering it with a couple coats of black spraypaint as well and yes, it loses some of its magnetism when you paint over it. Since you haven't covered it, have you had problems with it rubbing off on your hands when you touch it?
What I REALLY want to do is paint a wall with the magnetic primer, then over it with Rustoleum's Dry Erase Paint:

La Mode En Rose said...

i didn't know about it! thanks for the review!!

kisses from La Mode En Rose = )

AquĆ­ said...

This is so cool! I had no idea there existed such a thing! Love it!

Jen-uinely Inspired said...

Okay, this is so, SO COOL! I've seen the paint at Home Depot, but didn't give it a second thought until now. This would be fun to do in my craft room. Love how your wall turned out!

Gimpy said...

I juste painted a wall with Rustoleum Magnetic paint and all you say is right. I had the exact same experience. It works, but you need good magnets. I wanted my kids to stick their magnetic puzzle on it but the magnets on them are too weak :S ... I haven't painted color on it yet.

Lori Gaston said...

I've done a little research because I'm interested in doing several walls in our house with magnetic primer and chalkboard paint. What you say is true, however can be fixed in part.
1) Have the magnetic primer shaken at the store when you purchase it, and then use immediately when you get home. Or take it back to have it re-shaken before you're ready to apply to the wall. Or be prepared to stir stir stir for 10-15 min to get the particles mixed back in. Wait at least 30 minutes between coats. Stir again before applying. Be prepared for a lot of string.
2) Others found the same problem with amount of coats. One person taped off the intended area and applied something like 8 coats. They got a pretty strong magnetic surface, but this caused a definite build up when painted over. You'll want to frame it if you go this route, or paint the entire wall. All of it. The whole thing.
I intend to paint a section and just feather the edges of each coat. Hopefully this isn't too noticeable after I paint over with Rocker Girl Purple. :D
Danelle mentioned the desire to paint over with the Dry Erase paint. A reviewer on Amazon said they tried this, and after a period of time the dry erase started yellowing. They contacted Rustoleum's help department and were told that the two products were not compatible to be layered. Maybe try a coat of regular paint in between? This was suggested by another person who was interested in trying that.

Good luck, and thanks for posting your review! I'm in search of coupons...that's how I found you! :D

Lori Gaston said...

Also, another reviewer recommended using larger magnets (ie bigger surface area) or the rare earth magnets. They may cost more, but those suckers really do work!!!

Anonymous said...

Search Google, there is a company in PA (Made in America) that has an additive for you to add to your own paint (colors!!). Cost looks to be about the same, they have a lot of positive testimonials, most of what I have seen on Rustolium has been negative. Possibly high expectations.

My issue was clean-up, with the Rustolium. Recommended product is Zylene. The store where is purchased the Mag. Paint did not carry it and the Paint Dept. Sales Rep. Had to look it up on his iPhone to confirm what it is.

Be prepared the throw everything you use to apply it away and I suggest disposable gloves too, it can be messy.

Good Luck!

Lasertek said...

Nice! This looks a lot of hardwork but its really great! I wish to have this on my workstation to keep an organized workspace. Thanks for sharing its pros and cons. Its very helpful. Great blog!

Anonymous said...

Hi. My company, Magically Magnetic Inc. is the company in PA that one of your contributors mentioned. It mixes INSTANTLY with white primer paint that you buy locally at sale prices. It stays white as you paint it and when it dries, so it covers easily with any color finish paint. My additive is a dry powder that you mix with your paint so it's fresh every time you use it. Just stir it for 6 seconds and you are ready to paint. Painting the entire wall is not needed, like up at ceiling level and down to the floor. Decide what area you want to use to display items magnetically and put painter's low tack blue tape around that area. Don't try to Feather at the edges. You will see the difference between the magnetic part and all the rest. It can't be avoided since the magnetically attractive particles in the paint will leave a light texture on the magnetic area. Any magnetic paint will do that. Use sheet magnets or rare earth magnets on a wall painted with magnetic paint for best results. We have all kinds of magnets that work great with magnetic paint on our site.

Valeska Hon said...

I try this and it is oil based, difficult to wash with water. I finally purchase from Candy Paint for the magnetic paint which is light grey color and it is strong. You can take a look at

jelly andrews said...

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