New Challenge

Well, I'm sitting here thinking... and eating leftovers from last night. Yes, I realize it's only 10.30 in the morning. But it's never too early for mini lasagna! Nom nom nom. 

Anyways.. I digress. Food does that to me. Back to the subject of this post. Since I finished by Boy Diet and turned in my portfolio for grad school... I found that I don't have a lot to keep me busy. Like, close to nothing, actually. So, instead of dreaming about things to come, I've decided to Challenge myself once again. I've found a passion in design of all kinds... and I want a practical experience with it. As I begin graduate school {Keep your fingers crossed for me!!} there's so much to learn and gain, especially with practical experience. So, my new challenge is going to be Room by Room. 

I'm going to take my condo and redo each room in it. Whether it's upgrading, decorating, rehabbing, I'm going to be doing it all on my own... with a budget of nothing. Yep, you heard me. I have nothing. So, I'm going to have to be innovative and repurpose things and come up with my own designs and do everything myself. And I'll document it here. 

Don't worry, I'll still be doing all my other posts and keeping you up on my dating scene, fashion DIY's, and everything else! 


Cecilia Warner said...

you have such a cute blog i'm happy i found it! if you get a chance you should check out my blog and follow if you like it {:
your newest follower

L'sJourney said...

Can your next challenge involve my house?