So, I went out to get the mail yesterday... and the only piece in there was this amazing gift sent by Green Ruby Designs. Every one should go over there (or to Facebook) and check out her stuff. It's drool worthy!! Holy moley! I can't believe that mine got here so quickly, but boy, I was sure excited!!

Then I opened it up and inside was a GORGEOUS pair of earrings. Sigh. I am so happy right now. Of course, I pulled them out and did a photoshoot right away.

Isn't that little note card so cute?! I would frame it and put it in my hall wall if it was just a tich larger.


Can I just tell you, it's hard to get a good earring-wearer picture when you're taking them of yourself!? Sigh... This is when a boyfriend would come in handy.... or a tripod. 

Aren't they so cute!?!

SMILE! :) Because I'm so happy.
And of course... a little sass. No post is complete without it!