This week rocks. Why? You might ask, but let me tell you... through a list of the amazing things that have happened.

1. I somehow managed to be the WINNER of Holly in Heels' Pour La Victoire Giveaway. Yep. That's me. Now all I have to do is decide which color I want. Ha. Easy, right?! Not. Ahhhh, but I'm soooo excited!! 
2. I beat my Personal Record at Crossfit Yesterday. I Rx'd the workout (Which means, it's the heaviest prescribed weights and such) and got 6 1/3 rounds. Yes, I am proud of myself. I am getting stronger!!
3. I turned in my Grad School Application today. Gulp. And I was the first student to turn it in!! 
4. I beat off the stomach virus I had at the beginning of the week in 1 (yes, ONE) day!!
5. I will be attending a BBQ for my sister, who is returning to Japan tomorrow. (Yes, I know, I told her she's crazy too)
6. I just won a pair of amazing shoes!
7. It's amazing outside! So amazing, that I am wearing SHORTS! (And managed to take a small nap out on the patio at school. (Yes, that's me. And yes, I might just be a little sunburnt.)

All in all. This week has been awesome. I'm so excited for all the new things to come! (Especially those SHOES!)


L'sJourney said...

I love love love living vicariously through you... You're amazing.