Well, here's my big news. Some of you may already know this, others may not. I'm going to Italy. In a week and a half. SQUEALLLLLLL. Wow. Okay, that was a really big excited noise there. I'll be there for two weeks... touring around, trying to figure out how I' going to spend the rest of my life as a Landscape Architect. So, I've created a list of must have items that I need to take with me... Fashion wise. :)

-- A Maxi Skirt: I'll be visiting a lot of cathedrals and museums that require you to cover yourself... Thus, I'll be doing a maxi-skirt. Which, if needed could be adjusted to become midlength, knee length, or shorter. Very Versatile.

Love Maegan just posted a great Tutorial on how to DIY a maxi skirt. Thinking of thrifting a dress and doing it! LOL

--Solid color shirts: Simple, but can be worn with just about anything and they'll work. I don't want something that I'll only wear once while I'm there... these things have got to last! 

Target has some great ones... for $8! YAY! Not breakin' the bank. That's why I heart Target. 

--A Jacket: A light, but not super light one. I found this one through HauteLook and fell in love. 

And I got it for... $35. Yippee!! 

--Jeans: Although I haven't decided on a style yet, I know I can take my skinny jeans....

Or my straight leg... Hmmm... Decisions, decisions.

--Flats: For walking. We will be going everywhere imaginable and I'll be walking a lot. Soooo... I'm thinking my flip flops (but not the plastic kind) and closed toed ones for when it's cold.

These ones from Seychelles are SO CUTE! 

However, a more affordable option is Blowfish's Noble flat

Or the Gilt... SUPER CUTE!

--Accessories: Some cute earrings, necklaces, etc. However, not any that I hold dear. Knowing my luck I'd lose them. Sooo... I figure, I'm just going to DIY some. :) 

Via Material Therapy

And those are my basics. I'm so excited!! Are there any other items that you would suggest? These are just a few on my list, but I'm always looking for suggestions! 

Much love,


L'sJourney said...

I'm sooooooooooooooooo jealous. Have fun for me. I hope there's gonna be a thousand pics.

Sara said...

What part of Italy will you be visiting? I'm available as a translator if you need one! :)

AquĆ­ said...

love it the tutorial! Such a great idea! Maegan said...

awe, so much fun!!! Have a great trip!! Living in Italy is my dream!