I'm Addicted.

Yep. You heard me. I'm completely addicted. Chloe from Memoirs of a little thing called life was amazing enough to send me a Pintrest invite and believe me... I've definitely been spending some time on there. I'm purposely wasting time going around to sites to see what kind of things I want to pin. You can follow my pins here or I can send you an invite... Just make sure you leave a comment and your email and I'll get you pinning as soon as possible. Anyways... Moving on to the real topic of this post. I was asked the other day for tips on how to add more 'flair' to a bedroom... So, here are a few things that I believe would help bring out your style and make your bedroom more comforting and inviting. :)

Number 1: A headboard. Yep. It's just as simple as putting up a headboard. I found that as soon as I put mine up, that my room seemed to represent my style... Which I feel is a little more modern-istic.

Number 2: A rug. Whether you have hardwood floors or any other type of flooring a carpet is going to help define the space. Seriously... I found this little baby at the Salvation Army for $45, and it's possibly the best addition to my bedroom. 

Number 3: Curtains. Frame those windows!! Seriously, though, do it. It not only keeps the creepers away, it can add a lot of character to the room, depending on what kind of style you pick. I used to have these little old grandma ones that were yellow and white stripes... YIKES! Now, though, I have these gorgeous white ones. Simple and very easy to take care of. I like them because they still let some light in during the day. 

Number 4: Bedding. Okay, so we all know that I adore my pin-tucked duvet cover. It's really marvelous and I love it. On top of that, though, I add pillows and printed sheets. I like to mix the kinds of pillows I use, and I admit I have some super nice ones that I've never slept with. I have to sleep on the pillows that are just barely holding together... or else I don't sleep. Sigh. 

Annndd.. That's it. Simple, right? Yep. That simple. 


La Mode En Rose said...

hi! i would like to have new blogger friends! Are we following each other already?? I always follow back!

ah! there's a giveaway on my blog too! = )

kisses from La Mode En Rose = )


I can't believe that rug was $45! It's gorgeous!!!