Green Design

Okay, so I might have just found my dream house.

This is the Margarido House, found on Karamatrendz. My friend over at Affair with Color shared this the other day and I just died with envy (PS, you should check out her blog! So fun and all about living and designing with color!). This is my kind of house. It's not only gorgeous (albeit a bit large for my tastes) but it's also green built. This house was built back in 2009, making it the first custom built home to be certified LEED Platinum. LEED is a great program that rates construction jobs based on the materials used, the construction techniques, and recycled/saved material from after the job is done. There are lots of requirements to meet in order to to be certified in the bottom level. You see, it's like the Olympics of Construction. Platinum is the highest, then you drop to gold, silver, bronze, etc. Anyways, here are some more pictures for you to drool over. I know I am!

Sigh. Are you jealous, yet? I sure am. This is my idea home, I swear. So simple, yet so chic. And gorgeous!! One day, I'll have a similar beauty. One day. You know this baby's going on my dream board now!! Power of Positive thinking, right!?


Sadie Jane said...

I definitely think Crossfit has become an obsession!! I love it but yes it is super intense!! Thanks for your sweet comments! I am your newest follower!