Girls Just Wanna Have Fun

Okay, I know I JUST posted... but, this is something that I just can't keep to myself!!

I'm a member of Utah Bloggers Meetup on Facebook. Yes, if you are in Utah, you should join. Even if you aren't in Utah, you should join! Anyways... I have put together a little get-together for all us bloggers (Male and female) to get to know each other and meet in person! The wonderful Borrowed Earth Emporium has graciously offered to host our initial meet-up, before we hit the town and get to see the rest of the awesome shops in Ogden! Also, it's their first anniversary! So that means samples and a party!!! YAY!

So, please, if you can make it, let us know!! I'd love to meet you guys!


mama mouse said...

yaaaaay! im so there woohoo! dang i wish i had a card!

Megan said...

Ugh. I get so jealous when I read about bloggers meeting up. SO JEALOUS! I want to live there!!