DIY Desk

Here's a little sneak peak to the Spare Room for my Room by Room challenge... My desk. What did I pay for it? Under $10

Keep reading to learn how I did it. 

Okay, so you guys know that I have absolutely no budget for this make-over. Yep. So I've been pinching as many pennies as possible to make it look AMAZING! So, after much deliberation I decided to make my own desk that would custom-fit the room. Luckily, I had all the parts that I needed.

-An old closet door
-Old table legs (From my Step-Grandmother's table that was much too big for my kitchen)
-Spray Paint (3 Coats of it)

These items are relatively easy to find at Thrift Stores, or even cheap furniture stores. Here's how I did mine.

First: Take your door and drill holes in it for the bolts on the legs to go through. I used a 1/2" bit and drilled through one side first, then the other side, so the door wouldn't splinter.

Like so... Then, put it on the table legs. And bolt them on. It'll look like this:

Sand down the legs really well.... and then paint that baby! I found cans of great spray paint at my local Honk's store for a buck-- Then found out about $.88 Tuesdays. So going back!!-- and used them for the legs and the top. 3 Coats should be good.

Then, cover the bolts with some little boxes or a lamp of vase or something. I had this cute little blue box that a bracelet had come in from Kohls and simply glued them on. Then.... Decorate!! :)

Don't mind the unfinished paint or the tape on the walls... That part of the room is still in progress. 

I found these awesome little Granite containers at TJ Maxx on clearance for a buck a piece. They make awesome bookends! 

Then, I found these cute little jars at Hobby Lobby for 50% off $3.00.... So, I only paid $6 for the total of my decorating. And then someone realized that I wasn't paying attention to him and had to put his two cents worth in.

Total for the Desk? $9.60

One down... So many more to go!! 

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Kristie said...

That is awesome! I love this! Especially the legs! I'm painting my wood coffee table right now, but I couldn't find the spray paint I wanted, so it'll be regular paint for now! Here's hoping the brush strokes don't drive me nuts. Haha.

cait said...

looks great!!! i love the idea of using doors in unconventional ways. you should check out this bed they put together on 'concrete and honey' using an old door and palates. its so home-y and pretty- i think you'd love it!


ShopSaveSequins said...
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Anonymous said...

My art studio is made up of doors saw horses old desk and prefab book cases for storage.Inexpensive teliscping leg tables and gar bage pick counter tops when people have their kitchens redone. Makes great flat work spaces .desk for my mat cutter.Carpet on top of one table for doing frames.You can do much withused pieces of furniture.Sometimes just a little sand paper and paint!!!

Brooke @ Inside-Out Design said...

This is great!! I've always wondered how hard it would be to make my own furniture...I love how you used things that you already had to make this. The door for the table top is so clever!

Deborah said...


Faith, Trust, and a Little Pixie Dust said...

Wow! This project is a "10". AND I love your dog peeking in the photo. My dog often does that too.

Warmly, Michelle

Cassie @ Primitive & Proper said...

that looks amazing! i love how it pops against the wall.

Anonymous said...

awesome job!

Holly said...

What a cool project. It looks amazing. I followed you the other day and tried and tried to comment (but blogger was having issues!) Love how you did this!

c.w.frosting said...

Beautiful & under $10?! Looks great against the dark wall as well!

-caroline @ c.w.frosting

Vida said...

Omg I love this! I love DIYs and I am on a tight budget - thanks for the idea =)