Determining Your Style

Well, to be completely honest, I haven't always known what my style was. I knew what I liked, and it was quite the eclectic round up of misfits that couldn't ever really be categorized in anything other than just plain crazy at times. The last few months, I've been paying more attention to things that I like and others that I don't. Such as Architecture. Remember this house? Yep. That was one of those steps. So, I'm gonna give you a few pointers on how to put some kind of label (not that I'm promoting putting labels on things.. Just for the purpose of this exercise) on your design/fashion whims.

1. Gather pictures of your favorite celebs. Simply, that's the best way that I've found inspiration for my fashion style.  Mine.. Well, I started choosing them based on their work.... and found out that they started making patterns. The more I saw what they wore, it started making sense. Hence, Eva Mendes, Sienna Miller, Kim Kardashian, and lots more! Haha, I have a whole file for them on my hard drive. 

2. Explore your favorite interiors. Simply google-image search some key words... like 'interiors' and see what starts coming up. You can start focusing in on details you really like... for example: I LOVE stainless steel in Kitchens. How did I figure this out? I saw this picture and nearly died. 

Then, I saw the rest of the kitchen and I knew I was in love. Absolute love.

3. Now, take those pictures that you've found and start writing down words that describe the parts you love about them. As you start writing down those descriptors... you start realizing, you are defining your style. My list? Went something like this:

1. Simplicity
2. Functional
3. Classic, yet Modern
4. Varied Textures
5. A Little Messy, but still cute
6. Neutral, with patterns
7. Innovative
8. A little bit girly

4. Now take that list and start looking at what is in your closet. Can you see those types of pieces in your closet, or even around your house? What can you do the implement them into your lifestyle? Ask all sorts of questions, especially as you start shopping for new to you items.

5. Name your style. Mine became Classic Modern Chic with a twist. Hahaha... you might just get some crazy combinations. I'd LOVE to hear what you guys come up with!! What is your style?

(Note: I do not own the images in this post. I saved them without the intention of publishing them... and forgot to write down where they came from. Most came from People Style Watch. )