Okay. So I know this blog has been all over the place lately! However, now that I've explored myself and gained a lot more confidence-- especially as a designer-- I'm going to focus more on my passions! Design. Frugality. Fashion. You know, all the frou frou stuff. (That would be something my dad would say. Haha.) So, today... I'm going to work on the cohesiveness of this blog. Starting with the About pages and all that. 

Here's my mini brainstorm about what my blog is about:
-Making things yourself
-Saving money
-Investing in quality pieces that will last a long time
-Great design and fashion
-Innovative ideas for how to live on almost nothing (Because I literally am)
-Great new products that make living cheap be easy
-Designing on a low budget
-Recycling/Upcycling old pieces into new uses and ideas

How do you guys feel about this?? What else would you like me to cover?! I'd love love LOVE to hear from you guys! 

Also, make sure to tell your friends about Living on the Chic! I have a pretty great giveaway for when I reach 100 followers. :) Spread the love and the word!! 


jandjhome said...

All your ideas sound great. Write about what you love it makes it real. I've discovered that through my blog and look forward to this part of my life everyday.