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Today, we have a lovely post from Kelsey over at Vanilla Joy. She's got an awesome blog, you all should slip over and check it out! :) (PS... She has an awesome Borne Shoe giveaway going on right now!!) And now... Without further adieu.

Sass Up Your Shoes

I love flats and especially flats with some pretty jewel or flowery thing, so I decided to make my own pair with endless interchangeable possibilities.

jewel shoes

Here's what you'll need:

jewel shoes supplies
  • a pair of plain flats
  • ribbon
  • adhesive squares of velcro
  • glue gun
  • jewels with flat backs
  • needle and thread
  • scissors
how to make your own jewel shoes

1. Stick half of the velcro in the center of the toe of the shoe.

making jewel shoes

2. Arrange your ribbon however you want and tie through the center so all the layers stay together.

jewels on toes of shoes

3. Fiddle with the layout until you are thrilled to death about it, glue each piece on, and put the other half of the velcro on the back of the ribbon.

jewel shoes

4. Stick that blingy baby on your shoe and...VOILA! A nearly instant pair of pretty (and not plain) flats to wear with any outfit for any occasion. (Don't forget to do your other shoe too...)

If that's not the look you're going for...

felt flower shoes

Try a fabric flower or ribbon with buttons or whatever your brilliant brain comes up with. (Watch my video to learn how to make these felt flowers.) Just put a piece of velcro on the back and switch out your toe accessories to your little heart's content.

Happy accessorizing!

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Julie Khuu said...

Ocute! That shot of pink is perfect for spring...What great tips, thanks for sharing!

Btw, Haute Khuuture just celebrated the 1-year mark and I'm celebrating with a HUGE giveway! Would love to see you stop by when you get a chance!

Happy Tuesday hun!


Haute Khuuture Blog

Marisa said...

What a cute idea! I never would've thought of the Velcro to make them interchangeable. Genius!