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I'm going to take a little break today... and instead let little momma mouse Mikki do the talking. You can visit her blog, Indie Ogden, and see what other awesome deals she has to offer, especially if you live in Utah! Enjoy!!!

As a stay at home mama i have to be methodical with my shopping. I admit i have a dress addiction and i don't think that i should have to sacrifice my love of style because of my lack of funds. Instead of saying goodbye to pretty frocks and vintage shoes i decided to be a savvy shopper. I started scouring the Internet looking for the best deals, tips and resources for looking chic on the cheap and here is what i learned.

Mama Mouse's tips for looking good and spending little.

Sales: This is an obvious one but have you gotten creative with it? We all know how to scour our department stores clearance racks but here are some some sales you may not have heard of. A couple times a year stores like American apparel,, urban outfitters and more have special awesome one day or one week sales. Urban outfitters will notify you of their big warehouse sales and you'll have to wait in a long lines but for great clothes for literally just a few dollars its definitely worth it. Mod cloth has their annual cabin fever sale and you can get great indie designer dud for up to 80% off! Make sure to sign up for mailing lists to be the first to know about these deals because they sell out fast.

Learn to get designer look a likes: sites like runway rundown can train you to get designer looks for cheap. You can also win prizes by spreading the word about them and entering contests! Scour the web for hot blogs and sites that show you how to get designer looks for less and if you find a rad one, share it with your friends!

Join a club: Lately there have been some cool new shopping trends like shoe of the month clubs. Sites like shoe dazzlesole society and just fab offer to find you great shoes, handbags and accessories for a monthly fee. stylists will create an online boutique made just for you where you can pick out your fave items to be delivered to your door monthly. I haven't tried it yet but i think ill be going with shoe dazzle whose low prices and donations to charity entice me the most!

Coupon codes: I never ever ever shop online without coupon codes. Whenever you want to buy something online be sure and look up your stores coupon codes online for great discounts, free shipping and even freebies!

Groupon!- I do not have enough words to express my love of Groupon. Recently i realized that i was not limited to just the groupons in my city. After peeking at some other towns i found some great deals like $25 for $60 worth of shoes at shoebacca and half off custom made t shirts. The best part ofGroupon is for every person you get to make their first purchase on Groupon you get $10 Groupon bucks!

♥♥eBay- You don't have to bid to use eBay. I never big because i know my competitive nature will have me spending more than i want to. Instead i scour eBay for designer wares and search from lowest price up using the buy now feature. You can find cheap clothes, shoes, cosmetics and more if you know where to look. Be sure to check your sellers feedback first to make sure they are a reputable seller.

♥♥Swap parties- We all have stuff hanging in our closet that we absolutely love but just don't wear anymore. Organize a swap party with your girls  and get some new clothes! Get creative with it! You can donate unclaimed items to a local charity, have a reconstruction party where you take your old duds and make them new, create costumes or have a mini fashion show!

♥♥DIY- When all else fails get crafty! I love shopping in thrift stores and getting creative. Try to view things in a different way: see a shirt that's way too big as a tunic, a hippie skirt as a chic maxi or  an old curtain as a retro mini dress. sites like Burda style and  Threadbanger teach you the skills to make your own clothes from simple to advanced. With a little patience and some coffee you can bang out your own unique style in no time!

Now get shopping folks! Have fun, get creative and most importantly share your tips with friends!

Mikaela Shafer

Isn't she awesome!! Now you know what I adore her. :) She got me started with Groupon and now... Well, now I'll be even more broke than I was before! haha. Be sure to check out her blog and give her a shout!! She's pretty much amazing. 


mikaela said...

yay thank you darlin' it was much fun writing this, now i'm saving up for my next shopping excursion!