Chic Tip of the Week

Okay, so here's the first part of my cohesiveness coming together. I will be putting together Chic Tips every week for your benefit! :) This week, I'm going to help you save money when you invest in Designer and High-End pieces. Now, how can you do that? Well, you just hold your horses, and I'll tell you! There are many sites out there that you can become a member of and get exclusive sales, if you manage to get on when they start... Haha, just kidding. A lot of the stuff on these sites tend to go fast, but even if you don't get on right away, there's still a lot of good stuff that you can save bookoo bucks on! So, here is a list of them that I frequent to get the good deals!

Beyond the Rack is a great site, where there are tons of deals upwards of 60-70% off. They have all sorts of brands, and you could even get something free if you use a $10 credit code when you sign up. (Try APRILCREDIT10 for the month of April). Also, you have to be invited to become a member... so, here's your invite!

Okay, so, I've only bought one thing on Gilt... and that was a pair of earrings that was still in my price range. Gilt is a little higher end stuff... most of the time. They tend to have higher end brands, that are worth investing in, but take a while to save up for. Such as Dolce and Gabbana and all those lovelies. Here's your invite for Gilt:

Swirl... Well, I'm not a huge frequenter of Swirl. However, there are some great deals that go on here. They tend to have fewer, more exclusive sales that go on. They send out some great emails through Daily Candy that help keep you updated on the trends and what is going on in the fashion world. Here's the invite for Swirl:

One Kings Lane is more of a Home Goods sale site. There's so much great stuff on this site, I just haven't been able to drool over them as much. Love love love this site, but I have no room for any more house stuff until I start my renovations. Hmmm... This one just might come in extra handy in the future. Here's the link to get started:

Ideeli is like Gilt... only, different. Haha. Not so many high-end deals, but you still get quite a few. I've drooled over some really great stuff on this site. I'll admit. Love this one. 
Here's the linky:

Rue La La... Well, I'm a newbie to this one. There's quite a few sales that I'm already drooling over.... Like the spring dresses. Yay!
Here's Your Link:

Love HauteLook! They follow a lot of the trends and really try to get some awesome Designer Sales. I'm currently in love with their Harajuku Lovers sale. Sigh. If only I had a TON of money! 
Here's a link to join:

The name says it all with this one. I simply love looking through all their sales. Some are less well known designers and others (James Brand Jeans) are amazing! This site is more simple and designed towards the fashionista type who likes to buy one complete outfit together. Haha. 
And the last linky:

Those are the ones that I frequent and know about... If you would like to explore more of these sample sale sites, visit this Fabulously Frugal Chicago page. There are SOOOO MANNNY! I might just be joining more. Heaven help my bank account.


Bon Bon said...

Sounds fabulous! Thanks for sharing the inside scoop:-) xoxo

Chyanne M. said...

All of the sites you mentioned are my know the deals. I found yhou via "The Daybook."

Chyanne M.

styled by 3 said...

ooooh i love this!! i need to check them out asap! thanks for sharing!!


Monique Zuman said...

Thanks for sharing such great sites!!! I am loving your blog too!

Monique xx