Brands to Invest in: GEORGIE Brand

Well, I have a little surprise for you, my friends. I have all-exclusive interview with GEORGIE today. Yep. You heard me. The wonderful Brianna Fordham and I have been emailing back and forth about the wonderful brand... and today, you get the scoop. 

Here's a little background on the company: GEORGIE was started by Kamea Bitton and is Co-Owned by Bitton and her husband, Eran. The company started out as a pants line, but has continued to grow in popularity and in products. The company is based out of Los Angeles and is comprised of a small design team and production. GEORGIE brand is still a young company, but has continued to excel with loyal fans and great clothing. Currently, GEORGIE is sold in over 200 nation wide specialty stores and can be found online at 

The Libby Dress

BF: The GEORGIE Handloom fabrics are all Double Ikats where both warp and weft are resist-dyed. This form of weaving requires the most skill for precise patterns to be woven and is considered the premiere form of ikat. Ikat is an Indonesian word, which means "to tie" or "to bind". Ikat weaving styles vary widely; many design motifs may have ethnic, ritual or symbolic meaning. Traditionally, ikat are symbols of status, wealth, power and prestige. Because of the time and skill involved in weaving ikat, some cultures believe the cloth is imbued with magical powers!

The Rafina Skirt

TL: Why is it important for GEORGIE to use such amazing fabric and put such an emphasis on the production of it? 

BF: We're excited to offer many of our pieces in our Handloom fabric (you can currently find the St. Barts in 2 of the ikats at Calypso and used for our Libby dress on Shopbop) and am our customers are also very eager about this venture. We work closely with the villages and make sure everything is ethical and the artisans are well taken care of. We've observed how our business truely aids the villages we work with and appreciate the beautiful craftsmanship.
We noticed a trend in ikats and other tribal inspirations and really wanted to present it to our customers. The fabric is great for every day and looks even better with age, it creates a natural soft feeling.  The collection is inspired from various things changing from season to season. We have an extremely talented small design team that is young and knows the current trends and what the customers want. We constantly look for inspirations from street trends, trend reports, and blogs! We truly listen to our customers and what they want; for example, we are bringing back our faux fur coats this fall that sold out last year. We love when we can connect the pieces each season. For example, our summer collection is inspired from the Greek Isles; we have flowing silhouettes in creams and splashing blues.

Spring '11 Collection

TL: You said that GEORGIE started out as a pant company... what style is the most popular? And why did the company begin expanding from that base?

BF: Our St. Bart's pant is a piece we feature every season because our customers can't get enough of them! These are the pants featured in Calypso in the ikats, but we also have other fabrics and solid color options. Many customers buy one pair then go back and buy another- they want to wear them multiple times in one week. We hope to see women's closets filled with them soon! We change the fabric every season; for example, we have a great wool blend for fall.
Our Ashley pant is another top seller, it's a flare bottom pant that looks amazing on the body, we usually feature them in lace, but they'll also be availalable in solids for the fall- they sold out on Shopbop!

The St. Bart's Pant in Orange Ikat

Our clients originally came to us just for pants in the past, but we expanded into a full collection and have developed and now clients can't get enough of our jackets (see the moto jacket featured on Intermix, which was also seen on the tv show Mad Love) and dresses, along with our tops and coats.

TL: WOW! I love that jacket. Super cute, and it seems like one of those pieces that easily become an everyday item in my wardrobe!

TL: As a young brand, what kind of difficulties has GEORGIE faced? 

BF: For any brand, it's difficult to create brand loyalty and recognition, but GEORGIE has a developed true following; women can really appreciate when pieces look amazing on the body and are on trend, while still being comfortable and practical. Our new social media initiative has also helped us better connect with customers; GEORGIE really appreciates its customers and we wanted to connect with them on a more direct level. Our Facebook page is becoming a great success as more and more people are "liking" us and interacting with our page.

Now, if you haven't heard... GEORGIE will be having a giveaway when they reach 400 fans on Facebook. So, get over there NOW and tell them that I sent you!

A BIG thanks to Brianna for emailing back and forth for the last week... and for my fabulous readers for... well, reading! :) 

Much love,