Bad Hair Day?

Well, since I was up late painting last night... and procrastinating my homework once again... I didn't have time to take an actual shower. Nor this morning, when my alarm didn't go off as scheduled and I ended up rushing up to campus to... a canceled class. So, instead of going home and showering, as I should have, I instead of stayed here and surfed the web for ways to make my greasy hair less noticeable. 

So, here is my compilation of some of the best hair tutorials I could find. 

First up: LoveMaegan

She does this awesome low-french braid tutorial... all on video! :)

Ally has me amazed. Not only by her cute fashion style, but also because of her ways of pulling things out and surprising me! I didn't even think about a retro-low bun. I just figured the further I got my hair away from my face, the better.

Then, Guest Blogger Caroline shared her Side Pony on Cup of Jo

So cute!! She also does a messy bun on the blog which is pretty amazing. Sigh. If I only had some bobby pins and hairspray. I'd be set.

And last... The never-fail College Fashion

They've given lots of tips for making your hair cute! I especially appreciated the baby powder tip. If I had some on hand in my studio, I would have done that before I did my braid.

Now for my hair... I decided to combine a few of them. Maegan's frenchbraid (only I couldn't get it across the back of my head. Sigh) and the low pony. How do you think I did? Can you tell it's greasy?!?You know, I was a little distracted when I took the first picture. Good thing for digital... you can take another one!! 

So, the next time you have a bad hair day... Just follow a few instructions. You will survive! And quite chicly at that.

5 comments: Maegan said...

awe, it's adorable!!! Nice job!

Kristie said...

Your hair looks way cute. I do the tutorial from A Cup of Jo with 3 buns. My hair never looks greasy and always looks cute!

Ruby Girl said...

i'm super excited to try these out! i was just thinking this morning how i need to try some new dos! <3

styled by 3 said...

I often sport the no shower look- so thanks for the tutorials!! And we'd love to do a chic tip for your blog!! Thanks for asking! Just tell us what we need to do!!


Graham Oakman said...

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