No More Boring Ceilings

You know those really cool Christmas displays of all the great big ornaments hanging from the ceiling? I love them. Adore them. And have figured out a way to keep them year round without looking tacky. Yep. I went googling. And what did I find? These little goodies.

So, instead of going out and buying a bunch of colorful do dads and whatsits, I decided to go for the neutral, classic styles. I bought a reel of fishing line (the heavier weight it is, the more it can hold... get the heavy), a bunch of push pins, and my own little collection of ornaments. 

First, I took the push pins and tied a length of fishing line onto them and pushed them into the ceiling. (Don't mind the horrible paint job in the background. Yikes.)

Then I started adding my baubles on at variable lengths. I liked the rhythm of the different sized objects being at different levels. 

A view from below. What I see every night. :) You can see how easily the fishing line blends into the room. So cute!

Then, stepping back. This is what it looks like. Yes, I was standing on my bed. No, I did not jump on it... Okay, just once. Or twice. Guilty.

Then stepping back even further...

And again....

And again. Voila! Instant happy ceiling.

Fishing line: 2.97 at Wal Mart
Push Pins: 1.00 at the Dollar Store
Clear Glass Bulbs: $2.50 per box of 6, Clearance at Hobby Lobby (In other words, DIRT CHEAP)
Crystals: $1.00 per four pack, 50% off at Hobby Lobby
Blown Glass Hummingbird: Gift from my mommy from Yellowstone
Dreamcatcher: Gift from my mommy when I was itty bitty
Silver Doodads and Jewelry Charms: $.50-$2.00, 50% off at Hobby Lobby

P.S. I found this awesome post by Lauren Nicole, titled "A Good Woman's Guide to the 21st Century". Read it. Love it. Be inspired by it.


mama mouse said...

haha i did the same thing. i love silver and white bulbs. i even made some of tehse in silver and white to hang up year round.

Erin Willett said...

That looks so neat! Cool idea :)

Quinn said...

oooh!!! I love this!!!!!! lovely!

Michelle Eging said...

Gotta try it at my new place:)